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Ferri's Best Test - A Practical Guide to Laboratory Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging


3rd edition


Publisher: Mosby | Elsevier, Inc.

ISBN 10: 1455745995

ISBN 13: 978-1455745999

Description At A Glance

Based on 3rd print ed. Guidance on radio-logic & laboratory approaches. Over 400+ tests & labs. 230+ common diseases. Interactive flowcharts. IU units for all tests.

Ferri's Best Test - A Practical Guide to Laboratory Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging equips you to quickly choose the most efficient and cost-effective diagnostic approach, including imaging or lab tests.

It presents complete guidance on both radiologic and laboratory approaches in a single, user-friendly source. This latest update is based on the 3rd edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

New to This Edition
  • Apply the latest knowledge and techniques with thoroughly updated content.
  • Expand your understanding of the testing process with the help of new algorithms and additional images.
  • Take advantage of a practical, easily accessible format that is organized by clinical laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging and diagnostic algorithms for expedited reference and test ordering.
  • Access over 300 laboratory tests and their approximate cost; review new modalities, such as magnetic resonance enterography (MRE) and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS); and see diagnostic algorithms of the most common diseases and disorders.

Key Features
  • Quickly access important information with concise, well-organized guidance to the most common lab tests and diagnostic imaging modalities.
  • Simplify your decision-making process through analysis that describes the most common imaging studies for each organ system, reviewing their indications, advantages, disadvantages, and approximate costs.
  • Confidently address problematic situations with background data that examines over 384 laboratory tests, describing the normal range of results in adult patients, typical abnormalities (positive tests, increased or decreased values), and the likeliest causes.
  • Select the best test for diagnosing more than 200 common diseases and disorders.
  • Keep important information at your fingertips with this portable, pocket-sized format that allows for convenient consultation anytime, anywhere.

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