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MobileDDx™ - Differential Diagnosis Tool

4th Edition


Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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Over 1,000+ medicine & surgery differential diagnoses. Sign & Symptom index. Disease Index. Based on 4th Edition of Diagnosaurus

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Based on 4th Edition of Diagnosaurus, this authoritative, quick reference tool helps you make accurate, informed and confident differential diagnoses at point of care.

With MobileDDx™ you can choose to explore topics by organ system, symptoms or diseases only, or search across all topics. For example, if you wish to review the causes of a patient's chief complaint, simply select the symptom or sign from the main index. If you have made a diagnosis and wonder what other disorders to consider, select your diagnosis from the list to see its differential diagnoses.

Includes over 1,000 medicine and surgery differential diagnoses derived from the most trusted Current Lange series.

And only with Skyscape, any MobileDDx™ differential diagnoses topic can be quickly and easily cross-indexed to related drug, disease or diagnostic topics across your entire mobile reference library!

Your Voice

By Carl Wofford, M.S.
This dictionary and Skyscape’s implementation makes this Rock!

In Colorado, we’ve seen a huge increase in solely Spanish speaking patients calling into EMS. Without being fluent in Spanish, it is often really difficult to sort out in the field what is going on. I’ve used this product now for the last 6 months. I’ve not only found that it lets me sort out what is going on, but also realize that I’m actually learning a bit of useful Spanish and getting better in my skills. It’s still a challenge, but this makes an impossible task much more possible.

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