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Presents essential nursing fundamentals in the easy-to-read, fun-to-learn format that's popular with nurses and nursing students everywhere!

Includes 1-year online access with WebView.

Editor(s): Tracy A. Taylor, MSN, RN

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

2nd Edition

Dazed and confused by Nursing Fundamentals class? Problem solved: Fundamentals of Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! makes it easy to learn the basics of nursing science, concepts and skills. Enjoy the light-hearted, real-life examples, and simple definitions of this popular book, packed with easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll quickly grasp the basics of nursing science and on-the-job skills and gain the confidence you need to succeed.

This essential, one-of-a-kind reference makes learning the fundamentals of nursing incredibly easy with . . . .
  • NEW Info on social media and nursing
  • NEW Info on current practice in wound care
  • NEW Info on Healthy People 2020 health improvement program
  • NEW Nutrition content updated to include healthy eating guidelines
  • NEW Most current American Nursing Association practice standards
  • Numerous care plan examples, including common nursing diagnoses, appropriate patient outcomes, and basis for each recommended treatment
  • Fun drawings and cartoons make it simple to relate to skills and concepts
  • Easy-to-read content offers simple definitions of technical medical terms
  • Great refresher for new nursing grads and experienced nurses looking to renew their basic skills
Three easy sections:
  • Foundational Concepts - Overview of nursing; basics of health and illness; ethical and legal considerations; the nursing process
  • General Nursing Skills – Communication; health assessment; taking vital signs; asepsis and infection control; medication basics; medication administration; IV therapy
  • Physiologic Needs – Oxygenation; patient self-care and hygiene; mobility, activity, and exercise; skin integrity and wound healing; comfort, rest, and sleep; pain management; nutrition; urinary elimination; bowel elimination
Illustrated features in each chapter include:
  • Memory joggers – Simple tricks for remembering key info
  • Teacher’s lounge – Patient-teaching tips on procedures, equipment and home care
  • Ages and stages – Identifies issues and procedures where patient’s age impacts nursing care
  • Just the facts – Brief outline of content at the start of every chapter
  • Quick Quiz – NCLEX practice questions at end of every chapter
  • Stay on the ball – Possible dangers, risks, complications, contraindications and safety measures
  • Take note! – Tips on how to document patient info

    ISBN 10: 1451194242

    ISBN 13: 978-1451194241