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Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick

3rd Edition


Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN 10: 1975100263

ISBN 13: 9781975100261

Description At A Glance

Coverage includes crucial pediatric nursing skills, developmental milestones, normal assessment findings for each age group, abuse assessment, vital signs, pain measurement, immunization schedules, laboratory test results, and many more.

Get essential pediatric nursing guidance and vital information in your pocket, with the freshly updated Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick!®, 3rd Edition.

Like having a friendly, experienced coworker at your side, this enjoyable, colorfully illustrated guide clarifies vital pediatric nursing skills and concepts, with easy-to-remember how-to’s on pediatric vital signs, pain assessments, meds administration, and more. Whether you’re a nursing student or a nurse who is new to pediatrics, this must-have quick-reference delivers on-the-spot knowledge and confidence needed to provide safe, effective care.
Get the know-how you need to succeed, with this colorful in-your-pocket guide.


  • NEW and updated content on crucial pediatric nursing skills
  • Mobile application format easily fits in your pocket for at-a-glance answers
  • Dozens of color photos, drawings, and diagrams that demonstrate the concise, easy-to-remember text
  • Clear directions and helpful tables delineating vital technical information, including:
  • Lab Values – Chemistry tests, complete blood count, antibiotic levels, urine, acid-base disorders
  • Meds / IV Therapy – Immunization schedules, calculations, conversions, BSA, administration methods and sites, fluid needs, IV solutions, blood compatibility, insulin IV solutions – Infusion therapy and rates
  • Color-coded tabs that provide quick access to a broad range of techniques, data, and information on areas such as: Growth and Patterns of Development – Theories of development; expected growth rates; height and weight tables; stages of development – language, play, psychosocial, moral, intuitive; sexual maturity; preparation for hospitalization and surgery
  • Assessment – Health history; length and head circumference; physical exams; abuse assessments; burns; mental health; vital signs – normal heart rates; assessment of body systems – eyes and ears, respiratory, cardiovascular, GI, urinary, nervous, musculoskeletal, hematological, immune, and endocrine
  • Emergency measures – CPR, choking, ACLS algorithms
  • Skills – Med administration, IVs, precautions, tracheostomy care
  • Teaching – SIDS, choking, toileting, burns, poison, drowning, falls, vehicle safety
  • Resources – Conversion, nutrition, sleep, cultural concerns
  • Important on-the-job and classroom resources – includes an English-to-Spanish guide for translations of basic terms “Nurse Joy” and “Jake” provide expert insights and encouragement on assessments and interventions

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By Eric Berglund, M.D.
The Physician's Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual saves me valuable time on the hospital ward. Just this week I had a patient who required salvage therapy for non Hodgkins lymphoma and I knew the regimen I wanted to use but needed to confirm the exact drug dosages. Not only did this program provide that information but it also cited a reference for me to check and provide to the hospital pharmacy. Instead of a significant delay in therapy, I was confidently able to proceed with treatment in a timely fashion.

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