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CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care



Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

ISBN 10: 1260440575

ISBN 13: 978-1260440577

Description At A Glance

CURRENT Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2019! Guidelines and recommendations for the most common outpatient conditions from sources you can trust! Clear, concise and clinically relevant.

Instantly access the most current screening, prevention, and management guidelines ñ compiled from the most authoritative sources!


  • Strikes the perfect balance between brevity and clinical necessity
  • Consolidates information from nationally recognized government agencies, medical and scientific organizations, and expert panels into concise, easy-to-apply summaries
  • Covers primary care topics in both the ambulatory and hospital settings
  • Carefully selected for relevance to everyday practice
  • Exactly the amount of information a busy clinician needs ñ no more, no less
  • Spans all areas of general medicine
  • Website addresses for U.S. government agencies and professional societies

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By MacDoc99
Skyscape has wonderful applications. The free content is comprehensive and incudes a drug database, clinical resource and Skyscape Clinical calculator with hundreds of calculations.

Skyscape now also has paid products available such as the 5mcc. Products have content regularly updated. With rapidly changing medical content would rather stay updated with an active subscription, than using obsolete content. The free Medbeats are great too as they keep me informed of the daily breaking news for my specialty.

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