Mosby's PDQ for RN | Mobile App

An easy-to-use guide to the hundreds of important nursing facts, formulas, lab values, procedures, ECG info and many more.

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences Company

4th Edition

Find essential nursing information at a glance! Mosby’s PDQ for RN: Practical Detailed Quick, 4th Edition is an easy-to-use pocket-sized guide to important facts formulas and procedures used in the clinical setting. It offers quick access to details you need but don’t usually memorize such as signs and symptoms medications conversions abbreviations and normal/abnormal ranges for lab tests. When in doubt check this handy reference!

New to this edition

  • NEW! Expanded coverage addresses oxygen delivery, hypoglycemic drugs, cardiac rhythms (STEMI), seizure treatment, breath sounds, and more.
  • NEW assessment tools are included for pain, nutrition, and alcohol abuse.
  • UPDATED content reflects the latest clinical developments, screening guidelines, and drug information.

Key Features

  • Sections provide quick access to essential facts, formulas, lab values, procedures, and more.
  • Easy to access on any iOS device and use in any clinical setting.
  • A focus on special populations includes separate sections on pediatric, maternity, and geriatric patients.
  • Emergency Care section provides guidelines for treating stroke patients, assessing trauma patients, and responding to cardiopulmonary arrest.
  • HIPAA- and OSHA- compliant information reflects the latest practice standards and guidelines.
  • Colorful charts and tables make lookup easy, and data is thorough enough for even experienced practicing nurses.

ISBN 10: 0323400280

ISBN 13: 9780323400282