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Pocket Anatomy and Physiology


3rd Edition


Publisher: F.A. Davis Company

ISBN 10: 0803656580

ISBN 13: 9780803656581

Description At A Glance

In class or in practice, whenever you need A & P information quickly, turn to this handy, easy-to-understand pocket guide.

Pocket Anatomy and Physiology offers crystal-clear, full-color illustrations with concise labels put all the need-to-know A&P information at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a cross section of the cardiac conducting system, a postoperative view of a total hip replacement, or any other perspective on the human body - you’ll find it here.


  • A brief description introduces each body system.
  • Crystal clear presentation makes the illustrations pop from the pages.
  • Precise labels accurately identify every structure.
  • Unique anatomical views—like the cross section of the hand—highlight every detail in full-color.
  • Every page tells you the orientation of every figure—no more guessing at what you’re viewing.
  • Easy-to-reference tables summarize all of the relevant physiology.


  • Ten new original pathophysiology illustrations showing common issues encountered by health professionals.


  • See what students and practitioners are saying online about previous edition…
  • “Must for A&P students! I am officially addicted to this pocket guide.”
  • “Absolutely amazing! This thing is a lifesaver! It captures the important details and summarizes it for easy comprehension. The images are very detailed and the quality is fantastic. It is worth every penny.”

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