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Current Consult Cardiology provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.


Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The most focused, comprehensive, and easy-to-use PDA compatible tool, covering everything from syndromes and symptoms to diagnosis and treatment for all areas of cardiology.

This information-packed quick resource is perfect for busy clinicians who don't have the time to consult with large resources or online databases that are too comprehensive for their immediate treatment needs. Current Consult: Cardiology is designed to provide rapid, efficient access to the exact information you need when you only have a few minutes to review a topic. It is a single-source resource for use in the clinical setting. This latest update is based on the 1st edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates!

Key Features:
  • The Differential Diagnosis section is a unique index and valuable feature that groups disease topics according to related signs, symptoms, and patient presentations.
  • Offers differential diagnoses for patient evaluation, along with an immediate connection to the appropriate disorders.
  • A-Z Diagnosis and Treatment section presents carefully selected information on cardiovascular topics.
  • Perfect as a resource when a rapid review of practical points is needed
  • Each disease entry in the A-Z section highlights
    • Key Features, including Essentials of Diagnosis
    • Clinical Presentation and Differential Diagnosis
    • Diagnostic Evaluation, including Imaging Studies
    • Ongoing Management, including Complications and Prognosis
    • Treatment, such as Medications, Therapeutic Procedures, and Surgery
  • Useful and handy resource, providing the guidance that you need - when you need it - to enhance the care of your patients.

ISBN 10: 0071440100

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