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Internal Medicine On Call



Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN 10: 71439021

ISBN 13: 978-0071439022

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Description At A Glance

Based on 4th print ed. Essential guide to interpretation of over 60 laboratory tests and bedside procedures. Interactive flowcharts.

A concise, portable reference that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of over 60 of the most common internal medicine on-call problems. Each on call section includes a presenting problem, immediate questions, differential diagnosis, laboratory and other diagnostic data, and treatment plan.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive overview of the initial evaluation and treatment of more than 60 of the most common problems seen daily on the wards
  • Thoroughly updated on-call problems reflect the latest diagnostic tests and treatment options
  • Essential guide to interpretation of laboratory tests and bedside procedures
  • New sections include: dizziness, overdoses, and pruritis
  • On call therapeutics section offers a quick reference to commonly used medications and includes both generic drugs as well as vitamins, minerals, and natural products
  • New interactive flowcharts: Now, complex algorithms and protocols are transformed from static images into dynamic step-by-step decision support tools. See how this innovative feature can quickly and easily walk you through even the most intricate decision models.
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