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Confidently handle the complexities of critical care nursing, with the fully updated Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, 5th edition. Ideal guidance for students, nurses new to clinical care, and those preparing for the Critical Care (CCRN) certification exam

Editor(s): David W. Woodruff, MSN, RN-BC, CNS, CNE, FNAP

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

5th Edition

Feeling unsure about your critical care nursing skills? Time to gain some confident know-how, with the freshly updated Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!®, 5th Edition.

This friendly, fully illustrated guide offers clear, concise direction on treating numerous acute and life-threatening issues. Absorb current best practices on critical care basics and specialized areas such as advanced life support measures, multisystem trauma, and treating specialized needs.

Let this expert review text guide you to exam and on-the-unit success:

  • NEW end-of-book practice exam
  • Expansive, systems-based review of acute care conditions for all body systems Guidance on treating multisystem disorders – burns, hyperthermia, hypothermia, hypovolemic shock, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), septic shock, trauma and more
  • Expert guidance on nursing skills – blood and fluid replacement, rapid assessment and interventions, emergency measures, fluid replacement/resuscitation, drug therapy, pressure ulcer management, moderate sedation, CPR and emergency cardiac care, and more
  • Numerous images and charts demonstrate clinical use of IV fluids, interpreting serum electrolyte test results, drug therapy for multisystem disorders, and more
  • Step-by-step direction on performing blood transfusions with a guide to transfusion reactions
  • Top-level instruction in areas including oncology, acute care surgery, drug overdose and poisoning, palliative care and pain management, nutrition, prevention and screening, professional roles and ethics, test-taking strategies
  • Ideal review text for grasping the components required to master the CCRN certification exam
  • Chapter features include:
    • Just the facts – a quick summary of content at the start of each chapter
    • Advice from experts – tips and tricks and key troubleshooting techniques
    • Take charge! – potentially lethal situations and steps to take when they occur
    • Handle with care – identifies concerns and actions related to elderly, pediatric, and bariatric patients
    • Weighing the evidence – highlights research that guides practice
    • Memory joggers – memory aids to help you grasp and remember difficult concepts
    • Certification tips – draws out the most important concepts from each chapter in relation to the CCRN exam
    • Quick quiz – end-of-chapter multiple choice questions, with answers and rationales
    • Practice makes perfect – extensive end-of-book practice exam to test knowledge in preparation for NCLEX and certification

ISBN 10: 1975144309

ISBN 13: 9781975144302