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The Hand: Anatomy, Examination and Diagnosis


Editor(s): Ghazi Rayan, MD and Edward Akelman, MD

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN 10: 1451115938

ISBN 13: 978-1451115932

Description At A Glance

The Hand: Anatomy, Examination and Diagnosis provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.

Effective management of the human hand depends on accurate diagnosis. This latest update is based on the 4th edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

To perform a successful examination, medical personnel need a sound knowledge of the anatomical principles relevant to this complex structure. The Hand: Anatomy, Examination, and Diagnosis, Fourth Edition provides that vital information. Published in partnership with the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, this concise, reference is a practical guide to evaluating a wide variety of common hand injuries and diseases.

Key Features
  • This clearly written, thoroughly researched, full-color resource will be invaluable to orthopaedic, plastic, hand, and general surgeons, as well as emergency room physicians, family physicians, physical therapists, medical students, and nurses
  • Full-color line drawings and photographs
  • The interior design has been completely overhauled; this edition is in full color for the first time
  • The anatomy content can be found in its own section, rather than scattered throughout the text
  • An appendix section provides a list of abbreviations and recommended readings

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Very good Chat Service. There is also no language barrier with writing in English which really helps because sometimes the accent make it hard to follow directions.

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