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Over 1000 problem-orientated or disease-specific guidelines including reference to evidence summaries for all guidelines, this title is the most extensive collection of guidelines.

Includes 1-year online access with WebView.

Publisher: Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd.

Evidenced Based Medicine Guidelines

Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines (EBMG) is an easy-to-use collection of clinical guidelines for primary and ambulatory care linked to the best available evidence. Continuously updated, EBMG follows the latest developments in clinical medicine and brings evidence into practice.

EBMG is designed to provide you with the information you need quickly (seconds, not minutes) and using a single search term. Designed for use at the point of care, the guidelines are delivered in a format that makes it easy for a clinician to make a decision regarding treatment.


  • NEW! Added new topic “Coronavirus Infections”

Key Features:

  • Nearly 1,000 concise primary care practice guidelines
  • Over 4,000 quality-graded evidence summaries, supporting the given recommendations
  • The strength of evidence is graded from A-D making this title a quick and easy reference whenever and wherever you need it!
  • Developed by over 300 experienced general practitioners and specialists worldwide
  • An expanding collection of videos (currently over 60), showing clinical examinations and procedures, and ultrasonographic examinations
  • A searchable library of 1,400 high-quality photographs and images of all common and many rare dermatological conditions, electrocardiograms and eye images.
  • Audio samples linked to articles, including descriptions of pulmonary diseases and heart murmurs in children
  • Tools for the calculation of e.g. peak expiratory flow rate variation, body mass index and LDL cholesterol
  • Provides physicians with fast and easy access to practice guidelines based on the best available research evidence
  • Includes both diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines, and recommendations on diagnostic tests and drug dosage
  • Presented in a user-friendly format with self-contained topics based on clinical subjects
  • Clear and concise explanations of all available evidence results in the guideline for treatment
  • Assumes no prior knowledge of EBM or statistics - all the work of searching and appraisal has been done for you!
  • Seeks to include guidelines where clinical evidence is incomplete or unavailable

Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines has 21 slices as below –

  1. EBMG Emergency Medicine, Traumatology and Anaesthesiology
  2. EBMG Cardiovascular Disease and Vascular Diseases
  3. EBMG Diabetes and Endocrinology
  4. EBMG Geriatrics
  5. EBMG Gastrointestinal
  6. EBMG Haematology
  7. EBMG Infections Diseases and STD
  8. EBMG Nephrology & Urology
  9. EBMG Neurology
  10. EBMG Oral Medicine
  11. EBMG Oncology
  12. EBMG Ophthalmology
  13. EBMG Otorhinolaryngology
  14. EBMG Paediatrics
  15. EBMG Prevention, Screening & Public Health
  16. EBMG Psychiatry
  17. EBMG Pulmonary Diseases
  18. EBMG Rheumatology
  19. EBMG Physical and Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics
  20. EBMG Dermatology, STDs and Allergology
  21. EBMG Women's Health


By Medstud21
Great update from reputed source
This is a very well described Corona Virus update from a reputed published source. And kudos to Skyscape and Duodecim, the publisher of Evidence Based Medicine Guidelines, for making this topic available. It is great to see humanity coming together to combat this crisis.