Management Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners Working in Family Practice | Mobile App & Web

Management Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners Working in Family Practice, 1st Ed. provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.

Includes 1-year online access with WebView.


Publisher: F. A. Davis Company

This new text/reference is designed to help nurse practitioner students learn how to effectively manage patients across the life span. Organized by anatomical areas, this text covers 310 disorders and conditions, with rationales and causes provided for abnormal lab and diagnostic test values. "Signal Symptoms" will assist your students in quickly locating potential diagnoses.

  • A brief overview of relevant physiology and pathophysiology
  • ICD codes for each disorder
  • "Signal Symptoms" at the beginning of each disorder help the user target the most appropriate diagnosis
  • Each monograph includes definition, etiology, occurrence, age, ethnicity, gender, contributing factors, signs and symptoms, diagnostic tests, differential diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, sequelae, prevention/prophylaxis, referral guidelines, education, and references
  • Diagnostic data include rationales on why the test is ordered and a discussion of possible causes for abnormal lab values
  • Comprehensive health promotion guidelines for each age group in Unit 1
  • Alternative and complementary modalities included in management/treatment sections as appropriate
  • Many monographs followed by a diagnostic decision tree to illustrate diagnostic or treatment reasoning
  • Listing with common dermatologic conditions
  • Website addresses for appropriate content areas and national organizations
  • Organized by anatomical areas in a head-to-toe approach
  • Each disorder chapter contains an overview of the essential elements to focus on during assessment
  • Visual symbols such as Clinical Pearls, Age Related Considerations, Risk Factors, Red Flag, and Emergency Situation Signal Symptoms assist reader in quickly locating potential diagnoses
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ISBN 10: 803608101

ISBN 13: 978-0803608108

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