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Rapid Review Anatomy Reference Guide


3rd edition and 2010 print edition

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN 10: 160547102X

ISBN 13: 9781605471020

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Description At A Glance

Rapid Review Anatomy Reference Guide provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.

Available summer 2010! This mobile version of Rapid Review Anatomy Reference Guide is based on a student self-testing favorite from the Anatomical Chart Company. With 31 sections of useful content on key anatomical systems and structures this product allows quick and effective memorization. This latest update is based on the 3rd edition and 2010 print edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

This product gives you the flexible memorization techniques - you can learn by tapping or writing the answers.

Key Features
  • Designed for high school and college-level students
  • Clear illustrations of the major systems, organs and structures of the body are paired with their corresponding labels for easy study
  • Device Tapping: Using Skyscape's "Hot Spot" technology, you can tap directly on anatomic areas and see and learn the structure’s name
  • Physical Writing: View the image with just numbered leader lines. Write the number on a piece of paper along with your answer. Then go back and check your answers on your mobile device, mimicking what customers love about the print version of the Rapid Review Anatomy Reference Guide
  • All 31 sections feature commonly taught anatomical and physiological concepts including basic facts, location, histology, key terminology and structure identifications


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