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IV Med Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide



Publisher: F. A. Davis Company

ISBN 10: 0803614462

ISBN 13: 978-0803614468

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Description At A Glance

IV Med Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.

Accessing an intravenous site and delivering fluids and medicine can be a difficult and frightening experience for students. IV Med Notes alleviates students' fears by providing up-to-date information needed to safely administer medications by IV.

Key Features
  • Illustrations and color pictures help you master difficult and potentially dangerous skills
  • Step-by-step directions show students how to use the equipment correctly
  • Focus on safety in administering I.V. medication the right way, highlighting high alert meds, do not confuse, "Special Considerations" and "Hot Tip" cautions
  • Includes essential content on more than 200 drugs
  • Provides common adult and pediatric doses, push rates, infusion times, drug interactions, solutions and chemical compatibilities
  • Drug calculation formulas
Provide instant access from within topics to calculators including:
  • Dose by Body Surface Area
  • Drops Per Minute, ml per Hour
  • Drip Rates in ml/hr
  • Drips for mcg/kg/min
  • Desired/Have x Quantity (Volume) Method, mg/kg

Your Voice

By Customer
I have found no better value intravenous drug reference available. There are drug references that go into more detail on drug compatibility (Trissel's Guide or King's Guide), but there are far more expensive and completely lacking in the day-to-day, need-to-know front-line information. This book concisely tells common uses for the drug, how to mix, how to administer, compatibility, stability and much more.

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