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Braunwald’s Heart Disease Practice Guidelines


First Edition


Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences Company

Description At A Glance

Contains latest ACC/AHA practice guidelines and transform them into clinically actionable points presented in an easily accessible, bulleted format.

Make the most informed decisions surrounding patient care with the new Braunwald's Heart Disease Practice Guidelines. Derived from the 10th edition of Braunwald's Heart Disease and offered in a convenient mobile format, this resource was designed to provide practitioners, physicians-in-training, and students at all levels with the critical tools to keep abreast of the rapidly changing scientific foundations and clinical advances in cardiovascular medicine. As new guidelines emerge, this resource will be updated by the Braunwald team of editors, who will synthesize updated information from various societies and, where appropriate, highlight important differences between guidelines.

Key Features
  • Aims to broaden the knowledge base of those seeking to improve outcomes for patients afflicted with cardiovascular disease.
  • Serves as a convenient resource for physicians who need high-level "take away" information to assist in patient management.
  • Contains guidelines summaries for all current ACC/AHA guideline topics.
  • Includes coverage of the latest guidelines on atrial fibrillation, in addition to Appropriate Use Criteria for each of the imaging modalities.

Your Voice

By Summer Cox, BSN
I’m the senior Nurse at a large nursing home. Doctors, PA’s and NP’s order a lot of labs on the patients here. Most results come back direct to us. I have this product installed on my desktop and just love using it. When abnormal results come through, I consider it my obligation as an advocate for our residents to investigate abnormal results and discuss them with our in house pharmacist and when appropriate with the Doctors, PA’s and NP’s.
It amazes me how often I actually find significant issues and alert the PCP to them and make a difference to the residents we have here.
Thank you FA Davis and thank you Skyscape for making this all so accessible.

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