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Prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam Anytime-Anywhere (No network connection required). Work at your own pace and ASK AN EXPERT for help (All questions include answers and rationale however if you still need help, a Nurse Educator is on standby to provide clarification).


Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

12th Edition

Skyscape's App is based on the best selling print edition Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN®

The 12th Edition provides everything you need to prepare for the NCLEX exam with 4,000+ NCLEX examination-style questions.

"Try before you buy" - Download the FREE App, includes ~400 practice questions.

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App Features
  • Study Mode (Attempt a question, see answer and the rationale)
  • Create Quiz (Select topic, number of questions - Pause and resume anytime)
  • Time Mode (Answer as many questions as possible in a set time to improve your speed)
  • QOD (Attempt a random question(s) every day)
  • Stats (View details on topics mastered so you can focus on weak areas)
  • Bookmark tricky questions and add notes - Creating flashcards
  • ASK-AN-EXPERT - Nurse educators are on standby. Free service from Skyscape, response within 24 hours.

In-app purchase unlocks:

  • Over 7,400+ practice questions 
  • Question categorized by: 
    • Client needs
    • Cognitive level
    • Content area
  • All alternate item question types are represented, including
    • Multiple response
    • Prioritizing [ordered response]
    • Fill-in-the-blank
    • Select all that Apply
  • All questions reviewed and updated as needed for appropriateness for Canadian nursing practice.
  • Greater emphasis on pharmacology and management of care questions (delegation, prioritization, and leadership), as per the NCLEX-RN test plan.
  • Additional questions about older adults.
  • Continued use of high-level questions and teaching rationale.

Educators - Make NCLEX prep part of the curriculum with hundreds of example questions

The Skyscape App/Platform includes a Web Dashboard

  • Filter question bank
    • Content area for "Content based" curriculum
    • Cognitive level
    • Client needs

Set assignments and view students progress - Contact for a no obligation demonstration

Students - Prepare for NCLEX "Anytime - Anywhere" with 6000+ practice questions

  • The app tracks metrics on attempted questions so you can focus on your "Knowledge" gaps
    • Correct answer after first attempt
    • Correct answer after multiple attempts
    • Bookmarked questions with notes

After the Exam - Candidate Performance Report gives summary of how you performed in and description of the content area with a list of topics related to it. Your performance in each area is described in one of the following ways

  • Above the Passing Standard
  • Near the Passing Standard
  • Below the Passing Standard

Use the report and filters questions to brush-up on weak areas

ISBN 10: 1469886618

ISBN 13: 9781469886619



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App tracks my stats so I know what areas that I need to study more.