Skyscape Clinical Calculator PLUS

Specialty Test Name
ABGAcidosis Compensation
ABGExp Comp for Resp Acidosis, acute
ABGExp Comp for Resp Acidosis, chronic
ABGAlkalosis Compensation
ABGExp Comp for Resp Alkalosis, acute
ABGExp Comp for Resp Alkalosis, chronic
AlcoholAlcohol Kcal
AlcoholBlood Alcohol Calculator
AlcoholBlood alcohol concentration estimator
AlcoholStandard drink equivalents
Allergy-ImmunologyPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Alt-Nat Respiratory Quotient (RQ)
Anesthesia5 H's - 6 T's
AnesthesiaAllowable Blood Loss (ABL)
AnesthesiaASA Physical Status Classification System
AnesthesiaFluid Replacement for Burns, Brooke (Modified)
AnesthesiaFluid Replacement for Burns; Slater
AnesthesiaLung volumes
AnesthesiaNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
AnesthesiaPneumothorax size
AnesthesiaProbability from Odds
AnesthesiaPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
AnesthesiaVentilation index
Cardiology5 H's - 6 T's
CardiologyAHA/NHLBI Metabolic Syndrome Criteria (2005)
CardiologyCHF and Thrombolysis Risk
CardiologyDialysis Risk Post Cardiac Surgery
CardiologyDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
CardiologyFramingham (ATP III) 10 yr CHD calculator
CardiologyFramingham (Original) 10 yr CHD Calculator
CardiologyHeparin dosing
CardiologyIV Infusion Rate mL/hr
CardiologyLDL Cholesterol
CardiologyBruce Protocol Treadmill Test
CardiologyCardiac Output (Fick)
CardiologyOxygen Consumption (Given C.O.)
CardiologyPneumothorax size
CardiologyProbability from Odds
CardiologyPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
CardiologyPulse pressure variation (%)
CardiologyDuke Score
CardiologyQT Corrected
CardiologyTIMI Risk Score
CardiologyTPA stroke guidelines
CardiologyMean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
CardiologyPulmonary Vascular Resistance
CardiologySystemic Vascular Resistance
CardiologyVentilation index
CardiologyVLDL Cholesterol
ConversionsConversion (Kilojoule <==> Kilocalorie)
ConversionsCentimeters ==> Inches
ConversionsInches ==> Centimeters
ConversionsCelsius <==> Fahrenheit
ConversionsKilogram <==> Pound
Decisional AnalysisBayes' Theorem
Decisional AnalysisBayesian Analysis Tool
Decisional AnalysisNo. Needed to Treat
DentistDigitalis body load
DentistInternational normalized ratio (INR)
DietAlcohol Kcal
DietStandard drink equivalents
Emergency medical services 5 H's - 6 T's
Emergency medical services Dig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
Emergency medical services Fluid Replacement for Burns, Brooke (Modified)
Emergency medical services Fluid Replacement for Burns; Slater
Emergency medical services Heat Index
Emergency medical services Nasal canula FiO(2) estimate
Emergency medical services Pneumothorax size
Emergency medical services Pulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Emergency medical services TPA stroke guidelines
Emergency medical services Tubes
Emergency Medicine5 H's - 6 T's
Emergency MedicineABCD2 Stroke Score
Emergency MedicineASA Physical Status Classification System
Emergency MedicineBlood Alcohol Calculator
Emergency MedicineBlood alcohol concentration estimator
Emergency MedicineBlood volume (Estimated)
Emergency MedicineBruce Protocol Treadmill Test
Emergency MedicineCHF and Thrombolysis Risk
Emergency MedicineCorrected CSF Protein for blood contaminated CSF
Emergency MedicineCorrected CSF WBC for blood contaminated CSF
Emergency MedicineCroup Score
Emergency MedicineCURB-65
Emergency MedicineCXR Needed? (Adults)
Emergency MedicineDiabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
Emergency MedicineDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
Emergency MedicineDigitalis body load
Emergency MedicineDobutamine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Emergency MedicineDopamine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Emergency MedicineEpinephrine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Emergency MedicineFluid Replacement for Burns, Brooke (Modified)
Emergency MedicineFluid Replacement for Burns; Slater
Emergency MedicineGalveston Resuscitation Formula
Emergency MedicineHeat Index
Emergency MedicineHeparin dosing
Emergency MedicineHydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia
Emergency MedicineHyperglycemia affect on serum sodium
Emergency MedicineHyponatremia 3% Saline Calculator
Emergency MedicineIV Infusion Rate mL/hr
Emergency MedicineLidocaine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Emergency MedicineMethotrexate Dose (Ectopic Preg)
Emergency MedicineNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
Emergency MedicineNorepinephrine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Emergency MedicineOttawa Ankle Rule
Emergency MedicineOttawa Foot Rule
Emergency MedicineOttawa Knee Rule
Emergency MedicinePartner violence screen (Feldhaus)
Emergency MedicinePeak Expiratory Flow
Emergency MedicinePediatric Trauma Score
Emergency MedicinePittsburgh Knee Rule
Emergency MedicinePneumonia Clinical Prediction (Heckerling)
Emergency MedicinePneumonia Severity Index
Emergency MedicinePneumothorax size
Emergency MedicinePre-Diabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
Emergency MedicinePregnancy Calculator (1st day of LMP)
Emergency MedicinePregnancy Calculator (Due Date)
Emergency MedicinePregnancy Calculator (Weeks Pregnant)
Emergency MedicinePulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Emergency MedicineRanson's Criteria
Emergency MedicineRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
Emergency MedicineRevised Trauma Score (RTS)
Emergency MedicineRotterdam Meningococcal Score
Emergency MedicineSan Francisco Syncope Rule
Emergency MedicineSIG E CAPS
Emergency MedicineStandard drink equivalents
Emergency MedicineTPA stroke guidelines
Emergency MedicineTrauma score for survival probability
Emergency MedicineTuberculosis High Risk Groups
Emergency MedicineTubes
Emergency MedicineVentilation index
Emergency MedicineVital Signs Normals
Emergency MedicineWells criteria (DVT)
Emergency MedicineWells criteria (PE)
Emergency MedicineWindchill
Endocrine 5 H's - 6 T's
Endocrine HOMA Formula
Endocrine Hydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia
Endocrine QUICKI Formula
EndocrinologyBlood Sugar Conventional to SI Units
EndocrinologyBlood Sugar SI to Conventional Units
EndocrinologyGlucose to HgbA1C Converter
EndocrinologyHgbA1C to Glucose Converter
EndocrinologyHyperglycemia affect on serum sodium
Family Medicine5 H's - 6 T's
Family MedicineAdolescent (7-18 years) immunizations
Family MedicineAdult immunizations
Family MedicineAHA/NHLBI Metabolic Syndrome Criteria (2005)
Family MedicineASA Physical Status Classification System
Family MedicineBasal Metabolic Rate (Harris-Benedict)
Family MedicineBlood Alcohol Calculator
Family MedicineBlood alcohol concentration estimator
Family MedicineBlood volume (Estimated)
Family MedicineBruce Protocol Treadmill Test
Family MedicineCaloric Requirements
Family MedicineCHF and Thrombolysis Risk
Family MedicineChildhood (0-6 years) immunizations
Family MedicineCorrected CSF Protein for blood contaminated CSF
Family MedicineCorrected CSF WBC for blood contaminated CSF
Family MedicineCroup Score
Family MedicineCSF IgG Index
Family MedicineCURB-65
Family MedicineCXR Needed? (Adults)
Family MedicineDiabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
Family MedicineDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
Family MedicineDigitalis body load
Family MedicineDobutamine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Family MedicineDopamine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Family MedicineDSM IV Axis System
Family MedicineEpinephrine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Family MedicineFold Change
Family MedicineFood Pyramid (Adult)
Family MedicineFood Pyramid (Child)
Family MedicineFractional Excretion of Sodium
Family MedicineFramingham (ATP III) 10 yr CHD calculator
Family MedicineFramingham (Original) 10 yr CHD Calculator
Family MedicineGlucose to HgbA1C Converter
Family MedicineHeparin dosing
Family MedicineHgbA1C to Glucose Converter
Family MedicineHyperglycemia affect on serum sodium
Family MedicineHyponatremia 3% Saline Calculator
Family MedicineIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
Family MedicineIV Infusion Rate mL/hr
Family MedicineLidocaine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Family MedicineMethotrexate Dose (Ectopic Preg)
Family MedicineMid-parental target height prediction (Tanner)
Family MedicineMigraine Screening Tool
Family MedicineNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
Family MedicineNorepinephrine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
Family MedicineOttawa Ankle Rule
Family MedicineOttawa Foot Rule
Family MedicineOttawa Knee Rule
Family MedicinePartner violence screen (Feldhaus)
Family MedicinePeak Expiratory Flow
Family MedicinePittsburgh Knee Rule
Family MedicinePneumonia Clinical Prediction (Heckerling)
Family MedicinePneumonia Severity Index
Family MedicinePneumothorax size
Family MedicinePre-Diabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
Family MedicinePregnancy Calculator (1st day of LMP)
Family MedicinePregnancy Calculator (Due Date)
Family MedicinePregnancy Calculator (Weeks Pregnant)
Family MedicineProbability from Odds
Family MedicinePulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Family MedicineQUICKI Formula
Family MedicineRanson's Criteria
Family MedicineRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
Family MedicineSan Francisco Syncope Rule
Family MedicineSIG E CAPS
Family MedicineStandard drink equivalents
Family MedicineTPA stroke guidelines
Family MedicineTransferrin Saturation
Family MedicineTuberculosis High Risk Groups
Family MedicineTubes
Family MedicineUrinary protein excretion estimation
Family MedicineVital Signs Normals
Family MedicineWells criteria (DVT)
Family MedicineWells criteria (PE)
Family MedicineWindchill
Family MedicineZ score to percentile
FEN Bicarbonate Deficit
FEN Bicarbonate Replacement
FEN Body Mass Index (BMI)(Adult)
FEN Body Mass Index (BMI) (Child)
FEN Body Water Deficit
FEN Desired Total Body Water
FEN Ideal Body Weight
FEN Parkland Equation
FEN Corrected Serum Calcium for Albumin
FEN Corrected Serum Phenytoin
FEN Basal Metabolic Rate (Harris-Benedict)
FEN Calculated Caloric Req
FEN Coefficient of Fat Absorption
FEN Urine Output, Pediatric
FEN Maint + Deficit Fluids - Pediatrics
FEN Maintenance Fluids - Pediatrics
FEN Anion Gap
FEN Serum Osmolality
FEN Sodium Deficit
Gastroenterology5 H's - 6 T's
GastroenterologyAllowable Blood Loss (ABL)
GastroenterologyAscites albumin gradient
GastroenterologyFractional excretion of amylase
GastroenterologyHepatitis C (fibrosis prediction score)
GastroenterologyHydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia
GastroenterologyIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
GastroenterologyQUICKI Formula
GeneralAnion Gap Corrected for Albumin
GeneralConversion (Kilojoule <==> Kilocalorie)
GeneralGFR - Schwartz (Pediatric)
GeneralIV Calc: Infuse a Dose
GeneralIV Calc: Infuse a Volume
GeneralIV Calc: Infuse w/ Calibrated Tubing
GeneralIV Calc: Infuse Wt. Based Dose
GeneralIV Calc: mL for IM/IVP
GeneralIV Infusion Rate mL/hr
GeneralLDL Cholesterol
GeneralLean Body Weight
GeneralMaximum Predicted Heart Rate
GeneralNarcotic Equivalence - Chronic use
GeneralNarcotic Equivalence - Single dose
GeneralOsteoporosis Self Assessment Screening Tool (Males only)
GeneralPeak Expiratory Flow
GeneralPO Calc: Liquid Med Dose
GeneralPO Calc: Liquid Wt. Based Med Dose
GeneralReynolds Risk Score
GeneralTransferrin Saturation
GeneralVital Signs Normals
Geriatrics5 H's - 6 T's
GeriatricsIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
GeriatricsPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
GeriatricsQUICKI Formula
GeriatricsRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
GeriatricsTPA stroke guidelines
GeriatricsZ score to percentile
HematologyAbsolute neutrophil count
HematologyMean Corpusc. Hemo Conc. (MCHC)
HematologyMean Corpuscular Hemo (MCH)
HematologyMean Corpuscular Volume
HematologyRed Cell Distribution Width (RDW)
HematologyReticulocyte Index
HematologyTransferrin Saturation
Hematology-Oncology5 H's - 6 T's
Hematology-OncologyAbsolute reticulocyte count
Hematology-OncologyBody surface area (DuBois)
Hematology-OncologyBody Surface Area (Mosteller)
Hematology-OncologyIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
Hematology-OncologyPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
HepatobiliaryHepatitis Discriminant Function
HepatobiliaryMELD Score
Infectious Disease5 H's - 6 T's
Infectious DiseaseAminoglycoside clearance estimate
Infectious DiseaseFold Change
Infectious DiseaseRotterdam Meningococcal Score
Infectious DiseaseTuberculosis High Risk Groups
Infectious DiseaseTubes
Internal Medicine5 H's - 6 T's
Internal MedicineAdult immunizations
Internal MedicineAHA/NHLBI Metabolic Syndrome Criteria (2005)
Internal MedicineASA Physical Status Classification System
Internal MedicineBasal Metabolic Rate (Harris-Benedict)
Internal MedicineBlood Alcohol Calculator
Internal MedicineBlood alcohol concentration estimator
Internal MedicineBlood volume (Estimated)
Internal MedicineBruce Protocol Treadmill Test
Internal MedicineCaloric Requirements
Internal MedicineCHF and Thrombolysis Risk
Internal MedicineCorrected CSF Protein for blood contaminated CSF
Internal MedicineCorrected CSF WBC for blood contaminated CSF
Internal MedicineCSF IgG Index
Internal MedicineCURB-65
Internal MedicineCXR Needed? (Adults)
Internal MedicineDiabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
Internal MedicineDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
Internal MedicineDigitalis body load
Internal MedicineDSM IV Axis System
Internal MedicineFold Change
Internal MedicineFood Pyramid (Adult)
Internal MedicineFood Pyramid (Child)
Internal MedicineFractional Excretion of Sodium
Internal MedicineFramingham (ATP III) 10 yr CHD calculator
Internal MedicineFramingham (Original) 10 yr CHD Calculator
Internal MedicineHeparin dosing
Internal MedicineHydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia
Internal MedicineHyperglycemia affect on serum sodium
Internal MedicineHyponatremia 3% Saline Calculator
Internal MedicineIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
Internal MedicineIV Infusion Rate mL/hr
Internal MedicineMigraine Screening Tool
Internal MedicineModified SAD PERSONS scale
Internal MedicineNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
Internal MedicinePartner violence screen (Feldhaus)
Internal MedicinePeak Expiratory Flow
Internal MedicinePneumonia Clinical Prediction (Heckerling)
Internal MedicinePneumonia Severity Index
Internal MedicinePneumothorax size
Internal MedicinePre-Diabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
Internal MedicineProbability from Odds
Internal MedicinePulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Internal MedicinePulse pressure variation (%)
Internal MedicineQUICKI Formula
Internal MedicineRanson's Criteria
Internal MedicineRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
Internal MedicineSan Francisco Syncope Rule
Internal MedicineSIG E CAPS
Internal MedicineStandard drink equivalents
Internal MedicineTPA stroke guidelines
Internal MedicineTransferrin Saturation
Internal MedicineTuberculosis High Risk Groups
Internal MedicineTubes
Internal MedicineUrinary protein excretion estimation
Internal MedicineVentilation index
Internal MedicineVital Signs Normals
Internal MedicineWells criteria (DVT)
Internal MedicineWells criteria (PE)
Internal MedicineWindchill
Internal MedicineZ score to percentile
Medical Student5 H's - 6 T's
Medical StudentBlood alcohol concentration estimator
Medical StudentDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
Medical StudentIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
Medical StudentPneumothorax size
Medical StudentProbability from Odds
Medical StudentPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Medical StudentQUICKI Formula
Medical StudentRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
Medical StudentStandard drink equivalents
Medical StudentTPA stroke guidelines
Medical StudentTranstubular potassium gradient
Medical StudentTubes
Medical StudentVolume of distribution of urea (Watson)
Medical StudentWindchill
Medical StudentZ score to percentile
Nephrology5 H's - 6 T's
NephrologyHemodialysis (Protein catabolic rate)
NephrologyHydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia
NephrologyPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
NephrologyQUICKI Formula
NephrologyTranstubular potassium gradient
NephrologyUrea reduction % (Hemodialysis)
NephrologyUrea reduction ratio (Hemodialysis)
NephrologyUrinary protein excretion estimation
NephrologyVLDL Cholesterol
NephrologyVolume of distribution of urea (Watson)
Neurology5 H's - 6 T's
NeurologyABCD2 Stroke Score
NeurologyCerebral Blood Flow
NeurologyCerebral Perfusion Pressure (CPP)
NeurologyCorrected CSF Protein for blood contaminated CSF
NeurologyCorrected CSF WBC for blood contaminated CSF
NeurologyCSF IgG Index
NeurologyDSM IV Axis System
NeurologyFractional Excretion of Sodium
NeurologyGlasgow Coma Scale for Adults
NeurologyGlasgow Coma Scale for Children (<1 year)
NeurologyGlasgow Coma Scale for Children (>5 years)
NeurologyGlasgow Coma Scale for Children (1-5 years)
NeurologyMigraine Screening Tool
NeurologyRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
NeurologySan Francisco Syncope Rule
NeurologyTPA stroke guidelines
NeurologyZ score to percentile
Neuro Surgery5 H's - 6 T's
Neuro SurgeryTPA stroke guidelines
Neuro SurgeryTubes
NPPA Student 5 H's - 6 T's
NPPA Student Blood alcohol concentration estimator
NPPA Student Dig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
NPPA Student Iron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
NPPA Student Pneumothorax size
NPPA Student Probability from Odds
NPPA Student Pulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
NPPA Student QUICKI Formula
NPPA Student Respiratory Quotient (RQ)
NPPA Student Standard drink equivalents
NPPA Student TPA stroke guidelines
NPPA Student Transtubular potassium gradient
NPPA Student Tubes
NPPA Student Volume of distribution of urea (Watson)
NPPA Student Windchill
NPPA Student Z score to percentile
NurseED-CC5 H's - 6 T's
NurseED-CCBlood alcohol concentration estimator
NurseED-CCDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
NurseED-CCFluid Replacement for Burns, Brooke (Modified)
NurseED-CCFluid Replacement for Burns; Slater
NurseED-CCHeparin dosing
NurseED-CCIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
NurseED-CCNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
NurseED-CCPneumothorax size
NurseED-CCProbability from Odds
NurseED-CCPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
NurseED-CCPulse pressure variation (%)
NurseED-CCQUICKI Formula
NurseED-CCRotterdam Meningococcal Score
NurseED-CCStandard drink equivalents
NurseED-CCTPA stroke guidelines
NurseED-CCTranstubular potassium gradient
NurseED-CCVentilation index
NurseLD5 H's - 6 T's
NurseLDPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
NurseMS5 H's - 6 T's
NurseMSHeparin dosing
NurseMSIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
NurseMSNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
NurseMSPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
NurseMSQUICKI Formula
NurseMSStandard drink equivalents
NurseMSTPA stroke guidelines
NurseMSZ score to percentile
NurseNHHHNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
NurseNHHHPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
NurseNHHHRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
NurseNHHHStandard drink equivalents
NurseNHHHTPA stroke guidelines
NursePeds5 H's - 6 T's
NursePedsDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
NursePedsIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
NursePedsMid-parental target height prediction (Tanner)
NursePedsRotterdam Meningococcal Score
NursePedsStandard drink equivalents
NursePsychBlood alcohol concentration estimator
NursePsychRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
NursePsychStandard drink equivalents
NursePsychZ score to percentile
NurseStud5 H's - 6 T's
NurseStudBlood alcohol concentration estimator
NurseStudDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
NurseStudIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
NurseStudPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
NurseStudQUICKI Formula
NurseStudRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
NurseStudStandard drink equivalents
NurseStudTPA stroke guidelines
NurseStudZ score to percentile
Obstetrics & Gynecology 5 H's - 6 T's
Obstetrics & Gynecology Adult immunizations
Obstetrics & Gynecology AHA/NHLBI Metabolic Syndrome Criteria (2005)
Obstetrics & Gynecology Allowable Blood Loss (ABL)
Obstetrics & Gynecology Biophysical Profile Score
Obstetrics & Gynecology Blood volume (Estimated)
Obstetrics & Gynecology Glucose to HgbA1C Converter
Obstetrics & Gynecology HgbA1C to Glucose Converter
Obstetrics & Gynecology Iron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
Obstetrics & Gynecology Methotrexate Dose
Obstetrics & Gynecology Migraine Screening Tool
Obstetrics & Gynecology Partner violence screen (Feldhaus)
Obstetrics & Gynecology Pregnancy Calculator (1st day of LMP)
Obstetrics & Gynecology Pregnancy Calculator (Due Date)
Obstetrics & Gynecology Pregnancy Calculator (Weeks Pregnant)
Obstetrics & Gynecology Pulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Obstetrics & Gynecology QUICKI Formula
Obstetrics & Gynecology Respiratory Quotient (RQ)
Obstetrics & Gynecology SIG E CAPS
Obstetrics & Gynecology Tubes
Obstetrics & Gynecology Windchill
Obstetrics & Gynecology Z score to percentile
OrthopedicsOttawa Ankle Rule
OrthopedicsOttawa Foot Rule
OrthopedicsOttawa Knee Rule
OrthopedicsPittsburgh Knee Rule
OrthopedicsPneumothorax size
OrthopedicsPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
OrthopedicsTranstubular potassium gradient
OtologyAllowable Blood Loss (ABL)
OtologyTranstubular potassium gradient
PathologyAbsolute reticulocyte count
PathologyInternational normalized ratio (INR)
PathologyIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
PathologyQUICKI Formula
Pediatrics5 H's - 6 T's
PediatricsAdolescent (7-18 years) immunizations
PediatricsBasal Metabolic Rate (Harris-Benedict)
PediatricsBlood Alcohol Calculator
PediatricsBody Mass Index (BMI) (Child)
PediatricsBody surface area (DuBois)
PediatricsBody Surface Area (Mosteller)
PediatricsCaloric Requirements
PediatricsChildhood (0-6 years) immunizations
PediatricsCorrected CSF Protein for blood contaminated CSF
PediatricsCorrected CSF WBC for blood contaminated CSF
PediatricsCroup Score
PediatricsDiabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
PediatricsDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
PediatricsDSM IV Axis System
PediatricsETT: Children
PediatricsFold Change
PediatricsFood Pyramid (Adult)
PediatricsFood Pyramid (Child)
PediatricsGlucose to HgbA1C Converter
PediatricsLength, Weight & Head Circumference: 0-36 Mos
PediatricsLength-Weight Ratio: 0-36 Mos
PediatricsStature: Weight Ratio
PediatricsStature & Weight: 2-20 Yrs
PediatricsHgbA1C to Glucose Converter
PediatricsHyperglycemia affect on serum sodium
PediatricsIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
PediatricsIV Infusion Rate mL/hr
PediatricsMaint + Deficit Fluids - Pediatrics
PediatricsMaintenance Fluids - Pediatrics
PediatricsMid-parental target height prediction (Tanner)
PediatricsNorepinephrine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion
PediatricsPeak Expiratory Flow
PediatricsPediatric RSI Calculator
PediatricsPediatric Seizure Medications
PediatricsPediatric Trauma Score
PediatricsPneumothorax size
PediatricsPre-Diabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
PediatricsRotterdam Meningococcal Score
PediatricsApgar Score
PediatricsGlasgow Coma Scale for Children (<1 year)
PediatricsGlasgow Coma Scale for Children (>5 years)
PediatricsGlasgow Coma Scale for Children (1-5 years)
PediatricsTranstubular potassium gradient
PediatricsTuberculosis High Risk Groups
PediatricsUrine Output, Pediatric
PediatricsVital Signs Normals
PharmacologyAminoglycoside clearance estimate
PharmacologyBlood alcohol concentration estimator
PharmacologyBody surface area (DuBois)
PharmacologyBody Surface Area (Mosteller)
PharmacologyDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
PharmacologyDigitalis body load
PharmacologyDigoxin Dose in Renal Failure
PharmacologyDrug Dosing (mg/kg)
PharmacologyHeparin dosing
PharmacologyHydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia
PharmacologyIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
PharmacologyIV Infusion Rate mL/hr
PharmacologyTPA stroke guidelines
PharmacologyDig Fab Vials Acute Digoxin Ingestion
PharmacologyDig Fab Vials Chronic Ingestion
Preventive MedicineStandard drink equivalents
PsychiatryBlood alcohol concentration estimator
PsychiatryDSM IV Axis System
PsychiatryMigraine Screening Tool
PsychiatryModified SAD PERSONS scale
PsychiatryPartner violence screen (Feldhaus)
PsychiatryRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
PsychiatrySIG E CAPS
PsychiatryStandard drink equivalents
PsychiatryZ score to percentile
Pulmonology/Critical Care5 H's - 6 T's
Pulmonology/Critical CareAcidosis Compensation
Pulmonology/Critical CareExp Comp for Resp Acidosis, acute
Pulmonology/Critical CareExp Comp for Resp Acidosis, chronic
Pulmonology/Critical CareAlkalosis Compensation
Pulmonology/Critical CareExp Comp for Resp Alkalosis, acute
Pulmonology/Critical CareExp Comp for Resp Alkalosis, chronic
Pulmonology/Critical CareBruce Protocol Treadmill Test
Pulmonology/Critical CareClosing capacity
Pulmonology/Critical CareClosing capacity to total lung volume capacity
Pulmonology/Critical CareClosing volume to vital capacity ratio
Pulmonology/Critical CareCURB-65
Pulmonology/Critical CareCylinder Flow Duration(CFD)
Pulmonology/Critical CareDig FAB (digoxin toxicity)
Pulmonology/Critical CareDuke Score
Pulmonology/Critical CareETT: Children
Pulmonology/Critical CareFluid Replacement for Burns, Brooke (Modified)
Pulmonology/Critical CareFluid Replacement for Burns; Slater
Pulmonology/Critical CareHeparin dosing
Pulmonology/Critical CareHydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia
Pulmonology/Critical CareInternational normalized ratio (INR)
Pulmonology/Critical CareIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
Pulmonology/Critical CareIV Infusion Rate mL/hr
Pulmonology/Critical CareLung volumes
Pulmonology/Critical CareNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
Pulmonology/Critical CareAa Gradient
Pulmonology/Critical CareAcute Lung Injury Ratio
Pulmonology/Critical CareAlveolar Gas Equation
Pulmonology/Critical CareArterial - Mixed Venous O2 Content
Pulmonology/Critical CareArterial Oxygen Content
Pulmonology/Critical CareMixed Venous Oxygen Content
Pulmonology/Critical CareOxygen Consumption (Given C.O.)
Pulmonology/Critical CareOxygen Content (Arterial Blood)
Pulmonology/Critical CareOxygen Index
Pulmonology/Critical CarePartial Pres of Insp O2 (Sea Level)
Pulmonology/Critical CareOxygen content (venous blood)
Pulmonology/Critical CarePeak Expiratory Flow
Pulmonology/Critical CareExpected pH
Pulmonology/Critical CareHydrogen Ion Concentration
Pulmonology/Critical CarepH Henderson-Hasselbalch
Pulmonology/Critical CarePneumonia Severity Index
Pulmonology/Critical CarePneumothorax size
Pulmonology/Critical CarePhysiologic Dead Space
Pulmonology/Critical CarePulmonary Vascular Resistance
Pulmonology/Critical CareProbability from Odds
Pulmonology/Critical CarePulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Pulmonology/Critical CarePulse pressure variation (%)
Pulmonology/Critical CareQUICKI Formula
Pulmonology/Critical CareRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
Pulmonology/Critical CareStandard drink equivalents
Pulmonology/Critical CareTPA stroke guidelines
Pulmonology/Critical CareTranstubular potassium gradient
Pulmonology/Critical CareTubes
Pulmonology/Critical CareVentilation index
Pulmonology/Critical CareVolume of distribution of urea (Watson)
RenalAcidosis Compensation
RenalExp Comp for Resp Acidosis, acute
RenalExp Comp for Resp Acidosis, chronic
RenalAlkalosis Compensation
RenalExp Comp for Resp Alkalosis, acute
RenalExp Comp for Resp Alkalosis, chronic
RenalBicarbonate Deficit
RenalBicarbonate Replacement
RenalGFR - Cockcroft-Gault Method (Adult)
RenalGFR - Jelliffe Method (Adult)
RenalGFR - MDRD Equation (Adult)
RenalHydrogen Ion Concentration
RenalpH Henderson-Hasselbalch
RenalPostoperative Renal Dysfunction (Mehta)
RenalKt/V (Daugirdas)
RenalTranstubular K gradient
RenalAnion Gap
RenalAnion Gap (Urine)
RenalOsmolal Gap
RenalOsmolal Gap (Urine)
RenalSerum Osmolality
RenalSodium Deficit
RenalCreatinine Clearance (24hr Ur)
RenalUrine Output, Pediatric
RenalBody Water Deficit
RenalDesired Total Body Water
RespiratoryNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
RespiratoryOxygen Content (Arterial Blood)
RespiratoryOxygen content (venous blood)
RespiratoryPneumothorax size
RespiratoryPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
RespiratoryVentilation index
Respiratory assist devicesPneumothorax size
Respiratory assist devicesPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
Respiratory assist devicesStandard drink equivalents
Rheumatology5 H's - 6 T's
RheumatologyPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
RheumatologyQUICKI Formula
RheumatologyRespiratory Quotient (RQ)
RheumatologyTPA stroke guidelines
RheumatologyVolume of distribution of urea (Watson)
RheumatologyZ score to percentile
SportsPneumothorax size
SportsStandard drink equivalents
SportsTranstubular potassium gradient
Surgery5 H's - 6 T's
SurgeryAllowable Blood Loss (ABL)
SurgeryASA Physical Status Classification System
SurgeryBlood volume (Estimated)
SurgeryFluid Replacement for Burns, Brooke (Modified)
SurgeryFluid Replacement for Burns; Slater
SurgeryFractional excretion of amylase
SurgeryGalveston Resuscitation Formula
SurgeryHydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia
SurgeryHyponatremia 3% Saline Calculator
SurgeryIron replacement (Parenteral dosing)
SurgeryNasal canula FiO(2) estimate
SurgeryPediatric Trauma Score
SurgeryPneumothorax size
SurgeryProbability from Odds
SurgeryPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
SurgeryPulse pressure variation (%)
SurgeryQUICKI Formula
SurgeryRanson's Criteria
SurgeryRevised Trauma Score (RTS)
SurgeryStandard drink equivalents
SurgeryTranstubular potassium gradient
SurgeryTrauma score for survival probability
UrologyAllowable Blood Loss (ABL)
UrologyPulmonary embolism probability (Miniati)
UrologyTranstubular potassium gradient