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5-Minute Anesthesia Consult


1st Edition

Editor(s): Nina Singh-Radcliff, MD

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN 10: 1451118945

ISBN 13: 9781451118940

Description At A Glance

The 5-Minute Anesthesia Consult by Nina Singh-Radcliffcan, MD can be a vital source for the practice and teaching of anesthesiology. It presents a collection of 480 diseases and concepts related to the field of anesthesiology.

The 5-Minute Anesthesia Consult provides a readily accessible compilation of anesthesia topics that is useful to students, residents, physicians, certified nurse anesthetists, anesthesia assistants, and ancillary medical staff. Following the highly successful format of the 5-Minute Clinical Consult series, 480 topics covering risk factors and epidemiology, preoperative evaluation, intraoperative care and postoperative care. The topic specific format of each chapter provides a focused, evidence-based, yet simplified, discussion of Physiology, Management, Co-Existing Disease, Surgical Procedure, and Drug topics.

In addition to general operative and perioperative care, this comprehensive book also covers subspecialty topics in cardiac, neurosurgical, obstetric, geriatric, critical care, pediatric, regional, vascular, thoracic, and acute and chronic pain.

Key Features
  • Includes 480 distinct topics covering a wide range of conditions
  • Each entry is presented in a standardized template for easy access to key information
  • Each chapter provides a list of additional, complementary topics that are available within the book; this allows readers to supplement their knowledge of a given topic
  • Unique to this textbook is the Management section, which covers a comprehensive list of perioperative complications and issues which is invaluable for oral board review
  • Chapter topics include a large number of ABA keywords
  • Over 300 expert contributors

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