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Renowned for its holistic perspective and “see and do” approach, Nurses’ Handbook of Health Assessment, 10th Edition delivers streamlined, step-by-step guidance at every phase of nursing assessment to help students ensure accurate and effective assessments across all patient populations. Includes 1-year online access with WebView.

Includes 1-year online access with WebView.


Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

10th Edition

Nurses' Handbook of Health Assessment, 10th Edition is a full-color handbook — updated to reflect the latest clinical insights in Health Assessment for Nursing, 7th Edition — details everything students need to interview clients and conduct thorough physical assessments with ease, including up-to-date assessment guidelines, full-color anatomy and physiology illustrations, images of normal and abnormal findings, and more — all in a convenient format ideal for today’s on-the-go learning.


  • UPDATED! Content mirrors the latest textbook enhancements and familiarizes students with emerging challenges in health assessment.
  • UPDATED! Full-color illustrations clarify anatomical and physiological concepts and normal and abnormal findings.
  • Convenient, app format provides easy access to nursing assessment guidelines and findings in any setting.
  • Unique 3-column assessment presentation guides students through assessment techniques, normal findings, and abnormal findings side by side to enhance comprehension.
  • Geriatric variations, pediatric variations, and cultural variations in relevant chapters reinforce important considerations for the care of key client populations.

ISBN 10: 1975161246

ISBN 13: 9781975161248