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NurseThink® for Students: The NoteBook App


3rd edition


Publisher: NurseTim, Inc

ISBN 10: 0998734764

ISBN 13: 978=0998734767

Description At A Glance

The NurseThink® for Students: The NoteBook App saves time studying! Take notes for critical thinking and clinical judgment in every course, class and clinical.

NurseThink® for Students: The NoteBook, 3rd Edition: is an unique tool that can be used in class, independent study, collaboration, and even clinical preparation. Designed to raise the level of cognitive learning in a shorter amount of time, it allows students to move from 'acquiring' knowledge into application in patient care.

Note taking for prioritization in nursing school. Emphasis is placed on helping nursing students clearly and consistently handle large volumes of information. With a conceptual approach, students will explore application related to NCLEX® and QSEN (quality and safety) related standards for nursing practice. From fundamentals, to medical-surgical, mental health, community health, maternal-child and even leadership, students using this tool will learn how to learn while taking notes. NurseThink® Notebook will help with all exams, checkoffs, and assignments.

BRAIN EXERCISE TO HELP EVERY NURSING STUDENT EVERY SEMESTER AND ON NCLEX®. When students use this note-taking system daily, their critical thinking and clinical reasoning muscles will grow.

Key Features

  • Organized by Concept
  • Searchable alphabetical diagnosis index
  • High frequency patient alerts from AARP, AHRQ, CDC and Healthy People 2020
  • Next-Gen Learning for the NCLEX® test plan
  • Quality and Safety Competencies
  • Peer and faculty review sign offs
  • Backup and restore allowing student to keep building on notes they have already taken instead of starting over each semester.
  • Grade tracker
  • History
  • Add bookmarks, audio notes, text notes

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By Art Blair
My requests were basic in nature, but I was helped with dignity. I have been using your products and saving lives with them for a few years now and will continue to sing your praises.

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