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Test Skyscape Clinical Calculator PLUS Skyscape Clinical Calculator
6 H's - 6 T's 
A Severity Characterization Of Trauma Score 
Aa Gradient
ABCD2 Stroke Score 
Absolute neutrophil count
Absolute reticulocyte count
Acetaminophen Toxicity Nomogram 
Acidosis Compensation
Acute Lung Injury Ratio
Adolescent (7-18 years) immunizations 
Adult immunizations 
Age from DOB
AHA/NHLBI Metabolic Syndrome Criteria (2005)
Alcohol Kcal
Alcohol level - how much consumed?
Alcoholic Liver Disease (1 Year Mortality) 
Alcoholic Liver Disease Combined Index Criteria for One Year Mortality 
Alkalosis Compensation
Allowable Blood Loss (ABL) 
Alveolar dead space
Alveolar Gas Equation
Aminoglycoside clearance estimate 
Ammonium Chloride Infusion for Alkalemia 
Anion Gap
Anion Gap (Urine)
Anion Gap Corrected for Albumin 
Ankle - Brachial Index 
Anticoag discontinuation guidelines 
Aortic Rupture CXR Exclusion Criteria 
Aortic Rupture Probability in Blunt Chest Trauma 
Aortic Stenosis Valve Replacement Prediction 
Apgar Score
Arterial Blood Gas (Abg) Analyzer 
ASA Physical Status Classification System
Ascites albumin gradient
Atrial Fibrillation Stroke or Death Risk (5 Year) 
Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk (5 Year) 
Atrial Fibrillation Thromboembolic Risk 
AUDIT-C Alcohol Screening 
Basal Metabolic Rate (Harris-Benedict)
Bayes' Theorem
Bayesian Analysis Tool
Bicarbonate Deficit
Bicarbonate Replacement
Biophysical Profile Score 
Bishop Score 
Bishop Score (Modified) 
Blood Alcohol Calculator 
Blood alcohol concentration estimator 
Blood Sugar Conventional to SI Units
Blood Sugar SI to Conventional Units
Blood volume (Estimated)
Body Mass Index (BMI)(Adult)
Body Mass Index (BMI) (Child)
Body surface area (DuBois)
Body Surface Area (Mosteller)
Body Water (Total desired)
Body Water Deficit
Breast Cancer Recurrence (Post Mastectomy) 
Bruce Protocol Treadmill Test
C diff recurrence risk
CAD Risk (Wilson) 
Caloric Requirements
Cardiac Output (Fick)
CCLI (Alcoholic Liver Disease) 
Celsius <==> Fahrenheit
Centimeters ==> Inches
Cerebral Blood Flow
Cerebral Perfusion Pressure (CPP)
Cervical Cancer (Bethesda System) 
Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines 
CHADS-2 (Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk) 
Checklist for Autism in Toddlers 
CHF (Risk Death/Readmission; Chin/Goldman) 
CHF and Thrombolysis Risk 
Childhood (0-6 years) immunizations 
Clinical Dehydration Scale (Pediatrics)
Closing capacity
Closing capacity to total lung volume capacity
Closing volume to vital capacity ratio
Coefficient of Fat Absorption
Conversion (Kilojoule <==> Kilocalorie)
Corrected CSF Protein for blood contaminated CSF 
Corrected CSF WBC for blood contaminated CSF 
Corrected Serum Calcium for Albumin
Corrected Serum Phenytoin 
Creatinine Clearance (24hr Ur)
Croup Score 
CSF IgG Index 
CXR Needed? (Adults Ed Population) 
CXR Needed? (Pneumonia; Adults) 
Cylinder Flow Duration(CFD)
Diabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
Dialysis Risk Post Cardiac Surgery 
Dig FAB (digoxin toxicity) 
Digitalis body load
Digoxin Dose in Renal Failure
Dobutamine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion 
Dopamine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion 
Drug Dosing (mg/kg)
DSM IV Axis System 
Duke Score
Epinephrine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion 
ETT Tube Size Estimator
Exp Comp for Resp Acidosis, acute
Exp Comp for Resp Acidosis, chronic
Exp Comp for Resp Alkalosis, acute
Exp Comp for Resp Alkalosis, chronic
Expected pH (for acute change in pCO2)
Expected pH (for chronic change in pCO2)
Fluid Replacement for Burns, Brooke (Modified)
Fluid Replacement for Burns; Slater
Fold Change 
Food Pyramid (Adult) 
Food Pyramid (Child) 
Fractional excretion of amylase 
Fractional Excretion of Sodium
Framingham (ATP III) 10 yr CHD calculator
Framingham (Original) 10 yr CHD Calculator
Galveston Resuscitation Formula
GFR - Cockcroft-Gault Method (Adult)
GFR - Jelliffe Method (Adult)
GFR - MDRD Equation (Adult)
GFR - Schwartz (Pediatric)
Glasgow Coma Scale for Adults
Glasgow Coma Scale for Children (<1 year)
Glasgow Coma Scale for Children (>5 years)
Glasgow Coma Scale for Children (1-5 years)
Glucose to HgbA1C Converter
Heat Index
Hemodialysis (Protein catabolic rate)
Heparin dosing 
Hepatitis C (fibrosis prediction score) 
Hepatitis Discriminant Function
HgbA1C to Glucose Converter
HOMA Formula 
Hydrochloric acid infusion for alkalemia 
Hydrogen Ion Concentration
Hyperglycemia affect on serum sodium
Hyponatremia 3% Saline Calculator 
Ideal Body Weight
Inches ==> Centimeters
International normalized ratio (INR)
Iron replacement (Parenteral dosing) 
IV Calc: Infuse a Dose
IV Calc: Infuse a Volume
IV Calc: Infuse w/ Calibrated Tubing
IV Calc: Infuse Wt. Based Dose
IV Calc: mL for IM/IVP
IV Infusion Rate mL/hr
Kilogram <==> Pound
Kt/V (Daugirdas)
LDL Cholesterol
Lean Body Weight
Length, Weight & Head Circumference: 0-36 Mos 
Length-Weight Ratio: 0-36 Mos 
Lidocaine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion 
Lung volumes 
Maint + Deficit Fluids - Pediatrics 
Maintenance Fluids - Pediatrics
Maximum Predicted Heart Rate
Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
Mean Corpusc. Hemo Conc. (MCHC)
Mean Corpuscular Hemo (MCH)
Mean Corpuscular Volume
MELD Score
Methotrexate Dose (Ectopic Preg) 
Mid-parental target height prediction (Tanner)
Migraine Screening Tool 
Modified SAD PERSONS scale 
Narcotic Equivalence 
Nasal canula FiO2 estimate
Nexus C-Spine Xray Criteria
No. Needed to Treat
Norepinephrine (Pedi- Rule of 6's) Infusion 
Odds from Probability
Osmolal Gap
Osmolal Gap (Urine)
Osmotic gap (Stool)
Osteoporosis Self Assessment Screening Tool (Males only) 
Ottawa Ankle & Foot Rule 
Ottawa Ankle Rule 
Ottawa Foot Rule 
Ottawa Knee Rule 
Oxygen Consumption (Given C.O.)
Oxygen Content (Arterial Blood)
Oxygen content (venous blood)
Oxygen Index
Parkland Equation
Partial Pres of Insp O2 (Sea Level)
Partner violence screen (Feldhaus) 
Peak Expiratory Flow
Pediatric RSI Calculator 
Pediatric Seizure Medications 
Pediatric Trauma Score
pH Henderson-Hasselbalch
Pittsburgh Knee Rule 
Pneumonia Clinical Prediction (Heckerling)
Pneumonia Severity Index 
Pneumothorax size 
PO Calc: Liquid Med Dose
PO Calc: Liquid Wt. Based Med Dose
Postoperative Renal Dysfunction (Mehta) 
Pre-Diabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
Pregnancy Calculator (1st day of LMP)
Pregnancy Calculator (Due Date)
Pregnancy Calculator (Ultrasound)
Pregnancy Calculator (Weeks Pregnant)
Probability from Odds
Pulmonary embolism probability (Miniati) 
Pulmonary Vascular Resistance
Pulse pressure variation (%) 
QT Corrected
QUICKI Formula 
Ranson's Criteria
Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW)
Renal Failure Index
Respiratory Quotient (RQ)
Reticulocyte Index
Revised Trauma Score (RTS)
Reynolds Risk Score 
Rotterdam Meningococcal Score 
San Francisco Syncope Rule 
Serum Osmolality
Sodium Deficit
Standard drink equivalents
Stature & Weight: 2-20 Yrs 
Stature: Weight Ratio 
Systemic Vascular Resistance
TIMI Risk Score 
Total Body Water 
TPA stroke guidelines 
Transferrin Saturation
Transtubular potassium gradient
Trauma score for survival probability 
Tuberculosis High Risk Groups 
Urea reduction % (Hemodialysis)
Urea reduction ratio (Hemodialysis)
Urinary protein excretion estimation
Urine Output, Pediatric
Venous Blood Gas (Vbg) Analyzer 
Ventilation index 
Vital Signs Normals
VLDL Cholesterol
Volume of distribution of urea (Watson)
Wells criteria (DVT)
Wells criteria (PE)
Z score to percentile