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Publisher: McGraw-Hill

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Description At A Glance

Clinical Manual of Urology provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.

The perfect guide to practice, Clinical Manual of Urology puts leading-edge advice as close as your pocket. With up-to-date practices described by today's leading clinicians, this reference offers fundamental help with all major urologic conditions and diseases, plus time-saving recommendations on important problems you won't find covered in other clinical texts. In addition to presenting the major categories of urologic disease, the reference also covers important topics such as radiology, radiation therapy, nephrology, pediatric urology, transplantation surgery and vascular surgery.

  • The best and most concise source of day-to-day urology answers for residents in urology, other house staff, medical students, primary care clinicians, and other non-urologists
  • An indispensable framework for diagnosis, treatment, and disease management
  • More than 50% completely new material-today's concepts, procedures, methods, tests, algorithms, and treatments
  • Outstanding coverage of pediatric urology, including the latest management techniques
  • Details on radiation in evaluation and treatment, nephrology, vascular and transplantation surgery, male impotence and infertility, and other topics not found in many urology guides
  • Expanded coverage of cancer
  • New learning tools, including self-assessment questions and discussion points for evaluating comprehension
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