The Asthma Educators Handbook | Mobile App

The Asthma Book provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.


Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Internists, family physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists will find this unparalleled, authoritative resource has everything needed to understand and treat asthma in children and adults.

Key Features
  • Learn asthma care essentials - from top experts at the Partners Asthma Center. Ideal resource for preparing for certification as an asthma educator (AE-C).
  • Important information on how to develop an asthma action plan based on the principles of assessing and treating asthma attacks
  • Designed into two major sections - "The Fundamentals" and "Practical Aspects of Asthma Care"
  • Section "The Fundamentals" covers what asthma is and its relation to allergies, making the diagnosis of asthma, defining the severity of asthma, the medications used to treat asthma with their potential side-effects, and use of these medications in a stepwise approach based on the severity of asthma
  • Section "Practical Aspects of Asthma Care" covers various points - identifying and avoiding allergens in the home, work environments or school, how to use metered-dose inhaler or a Diskus, asthma action plans and many more!
  • Information on Inhalers and inhalation aids, Diagnosis and staging ambulatory asthma treatment, Managing pediatric and adult asthma, including asthmatic attacks
  • Section-ending Q&As that simulate the types of questions likely to appear on the National Asthma Educators Certification Board Exam
  • Series of case discussions which test your knowledge by asking you to assume the role of an asthma educator
  • Goal of this resource is to provide you with the tools to become an asthma educator

    ISBN 10: 0071447377

    ISBN 13: 9780071447379

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