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LPN Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide


4th Edition


Publisher: F.A. Davis Company

ISBN 13: 9780803657960

Description At A Glance

The 4th Edition of this popular, easy-to-use guide delivers the practical, clinically oriented content you need to deliver safe and effective health care in hospital and home settings.

LPN Notes : Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide is a great on the go resource, while NCLEX® tips make it perfect for preparing for the NCLEX®-PN exam. Thoroughly revised and updated, you’ll have access to even more of the commonly-used by rarely memorized clinical information that nurses and students need.

Key Features
  • Procedures Tab presents the common skills, procedures and equipment, required to perform routine nursing tasks.
  • Assess Tab provides comprehensive, system-specific information, including the skills, procedures, and tools necessary to perform an assessment on an adult patient.
  • Disease/Patient Education Tab covers the most common diseases and disorders, homecare, safe medication administration practices, and safety as well as common patient education issues.
  • Med-Surg & Emergency Tab presents 20 of the most commonly encountered symptoms and scenarios.
  • Geri/Ob/Peds Tab now features geriatric assessment tips for 6 common marker conditions (SPICES) that could indicate increased risk for functional decline or even death.
  • Life Span Tab combines geriatrics, obstetrics, and pediatrics to focus on life span considerations.
  • Tools Tab includes a Spanish translator with phonetic pronunciations.

New To This Edition
  • Easier-to-use design and layout with a table of contents at the beginning of each tab for quicker reference
  • The new, 2016 AHA guidelines as well as up-to-date adult, pregnancy and childhood/adolescent immunization schedules
  • SPICES screening tool, geriatric assessment tips for 6 common marker conditions that can indicate an increased risk for functional decline or even death.
  • Coverage of cultural diversity in health care.

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By Customer
I continue to use this book, after 5 years in private practice. It is fast, concise and still amazes me at its depth. I've just recommended it to my brother who is begining his EMT training.

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