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Cardiac Care Unit Guide. 60+ calculators. 20+ classifications systems. 100+ cardiology trials. Disease classification systems. Cardiac medications.


3rd Edition

A concise bedside resource covering the wide-ranging information you need to care for cardiology patients.

Essential for everyone from attending cardiologists and fellows to nurses, physician assistants, students, and trainees. The content spans both basic and advanced knowledge including:
  • Principles of physical examination and symptom assessment
  • Interpretation of EKG rhythms and invasive monitoring
  • Cardiac medications
  • Disease classification systems
  • Evidence-based medicine including leading clinical trials underlying current treatment recommendations

Plus, you'll find innovative features such as:

  • 60+ calculators for rapid analysis of data ranging from the simple (aortic valve area) to the complex (GRACE risk score, PE prediction)
  • Cardiac Catheterization review info including coronary artery anatomy, catheter basics, and images of standard views with labels
  • Details of 20+ classification systems in various areas ranging from simple (NYHA Class) to the complex (GCS, TIMI stable & unstable angina risk)
  • Concise code blue algorithms, including medication doses and routes
  • Basic echo review material, including normal values for valves and chambers, basic formulae, and images of standard views with labeled structures. Additionally, includes basics of scanning technique/sequencing and image interpretation for those nights on call when you’re the tech.
  • EKG criteria in a concise, easy reference
  • EP basics including a glossary of common terms and programming modalities, interrogation strategies and normal values
  • General cardiology basics, including concise entries on common diagnoses, tips/structure to organize a clinical day on the wards or in the unit, and review of basic cardiac anatomy
  • Medication information for cardiac drugs only, with doses/routes/indications/warnings, as well as basic physiology (including important concepts like adrenergic receptors and what they do)
  • Interpretation of common values in the CCU, including PA catheter hemodynamics, oxygenation, and the basics of ventilator management
  • Physical exam information, including analysis of murmurs, maneuvers, and common findings
  • Pre-operative evaluation basics, including algorithms
  • The rhythm analyzer – a searchable database of heart rhythms with definitions and clinical significance; can be narrowed by various features (QRS width, regularity, etc) to help you focus in on a diagnosis. Includes information on mechanisms of electrical initiation and conduction within the heart.
  • Almost 20 risk calculators and assessment tools, for various conditions including MI, angina, PE, a-fib, CHF and for procedures such as PCI and CABG – and many others
  • 100+ of the most important cardiology trials, summarized and categorized, with as much detail as you want. This information is the foundation of much of what we do in cardiology, and is fertile pimping material. No extraneous information – just what you need to know

CCU Guide is updated every 6 months with the most current information, including relevant trials and new drug information. An amazing value!