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5-Minute Neurology Consult


2nd edition

Editor(s): D. Joanne Lynn, MD and Herbert B. Newton, MD, FAAN

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN 10: 1451100124

ISBN 13: 978-1451100129

Description At A Glance

Based on 2nd print ed. Detailed information diseases & disorders on the nervous system. Built-in calculators. Interactive flowcharts.

A resource from the 5-Minute Consult series that focuses on neurological diseases and disorders, as well as key symptoms, signs, and tests. This latest update is based on the 2nd edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

5-Minute Neurology Consult provides instant access to comprehensive, clinically-oriented, must-have information on all disorders of the nervous system in the popular 5-Minute format.

Key Features
  • Dozens of noted authorities provide tightly organized, practical guidance
  • Each disease is covered in a consistent, easy-to-follow format which includes signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, medications, follow-up, diseases with similar characteristics, pregnancy, synonyms, and ICD coding
  • Significantly revised and expanded coverage in areas such as stroke therapy, multiple sclerosis, neurogenetic disorders, and Lewy Body dementia
  • Uniform Topic organization to facilitate quick reference
  • Includes 1 calculator & 1 flowchart to assist in making clinical decisions
Built-in Medical Calculator: Provide instant access from within clinical topic to
  • Spetzler-Martin Scale

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By Lori James
Representative was very helpful and patient. I could not have resolved this issue without his help.

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