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Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards resource is the most convenient and portable way to review anatomy on the fly. This latest update is based on the 6th edition


Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences Company

6th Edition

Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards, 6th Edition - Learn the essential anatomy you need to know ñ quickly and easily! Each flash card in this full-color deck features high-quality Netter art (and several new paintings by Dr. Carlos Machado), numbered labels (with hidden answers), and concise comments and clinical notes for the most commonly tested anatomy terms and concepts. Focusing on clinically relevant anatomy, this easy-to-use, portable study tool helps you learn anatomical structures with confidence!

  • Clinical Notes help you focus on the most relevant clinical implications of anatomical concepts, helpful in preparing for the USMLE Step 1 exam
  • Features a full-color illustration from Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, with numbered lines pointing to key structures
  • Concise text identifies those structures and reviews relevant anatomical information and clinical correlations
  • Offers a unique learning resource to supplement the anatomy textbook, atlas or dissection materials used in medical, dental, nursing, allied health, and undergraduate courses in human anatomy
  • Separate groups of illustrations are devoted to anatomy - head and neck, back and spinal cord, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and perineum, upper and lower limb
  • Within each group, information is arranged sequentially : Bones and Joints; Muscles; Nerves; Vessels; and Viscera;

ISBN 10: 0323530508

ISBN 13: 978-0323530507