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Lippincott Nursing Procedures


7th Edition

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN 10: 1469853035

ISBN 13: 978-1469853031

Description At A Glance

This start-to-finish guide includes over 400 nursing procedures--from basic to advanced.

Every entry lists equipment, details each step to perform right at the bedside, and provides rationales and cautions to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes. Organized alphabetically for fast, easy access, the 7th Edition of Lippincott Nursing Procedures addresses what the nurse needs to know and do to perform best-practice procedures concerning infection control, specimen collection, physical assessment, drug administration, IV therapy, and hemodynamic monitoring, as well as procedures related to body systems, such as chest tube insertion, peripheral nerve stimulation, and intra-abdominal pressure monitoring.

Thoroughly updated, this edition also includes new evidence-based entries on synchronized cardioversion, gait belt use, intermittent infusion device flushing and locking, isolation garb use, nasal bridal insertion and removal, pneumatic antishock garment application and removal, self-medication administration practice, and weaning a patient from a ventilator.

With clear, step-by-step guidelines and hundreds of sidebars, photos, illustrations, and eye-catching alerts (Nursing Alerts, Pediatric, Elder, Hospital-Acquired Condition Alerts), you'll find the level of detail required to provide optimal hands-on patient care. Packed with pre- and postprocedure nursing considerations, warnings about potential complications, troubleshooting tips, and other helpful advice, this go-to reference provides everything you need to do your job confidently and well, whether you are beginning your nursing career, learning a new skill, or brushing up on a familiar technique.

Key Features
  • NEW - Brand-new procedures on synchronized cardioversion, weaning a patient from a ventilator, safe medication practices, and much more
  • NEW - Hospital-acquired conditions easily identified with an icon
  • New - Updated evidence-based references in each procedure
  • New - Latest Joint Commission Standards, AACN guidelines, INS standards, and many more included
  • New - Scores of new illustrations
  • Full-color design
  • Entry headings: Overview, Equipment, Preparation of equipment, Implementation (with rationales in italics), Special considerations, Patient teaching, Complications, Documentation
  • Every procedure thoroughly reviewed and updated
  • Eye-catching icons for nursing alerts, cautions, and emergency procedures
  • Troubleshooting and Equipment icons
  • Home care tips emphasized and identified with an icon
  • More than 400 nursing procedures, basic to advanced
  • Over 750 illustrations, photographs, and tables
  • Variations on Pediatric care, Elder care, and Hospital-acquired conditions identified and highlighted with an icon

Your Voice

By Lashbrook Angela
Having accurate drug information at my fingertips has made a profound difference in the efficiency and safety of my bedside practice. I can access IV drug interactions faster than the pharmacist and am able to answer my patient's question and concern quickly. I don't waste time trying to track down resources (Where IS that drug book?). I have the information I need with me. My patients and coworkers appreciate that.

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