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The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics


35th Edition


Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN 10: 1469890240

ISBN 13: 9781469890241

Description At A Glance

"Bible" of the medical ward - helps you diagnose and treat hundreds of medical conditions. Consult clinical recommendations from a resource that has been trusted on the wards for 50+ years.

Discover why housestaff and faculty worldwide depend on this best-selling medical text! Concise and user-friendly, The Washington Manual® of Medical Therapeutics, 35th Edition, focuses on the essential information you need to know for successful patient care. Written by residents who are assisted by faculty co-authors and an outstanding editorial team, this must-have reference presents brief, logical approaches to diagnosis and management of commonly encountered medical conditions, including new therapies that improve patient outcomes. Thoroughly updated throughout, the 35th Edition provides a clear view of the challenges faced by residents, interns, medical students, and other practitioners, plus offers practical solutions, and expert guidance – all in one convenient and easily accessible source.

Key Features
  • Thoroughly updated to reflect the increasing and ever-changing advances in medical technology and therapeutics.
  • Comprehensive coverage addresses all areas of medicine and the core subspecialties, including neurology and toxicology content.
  • Concise, practical format features a brief discussion of pathophysiology, an evidence-based presentation of current therapies, and need-to-know diagnostic and therapeutic guidance from global experts.
  • Easy-to-follow guidelines, diagrams, and algorithms assist in the diagnosis, investigation, and management of frequently encountered medical conditions.
  • Edited by Internal Medicine Chief Residents from the Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.
  • Complete content with enhanced navigation
  • Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links

Your Voice

By Hrishikesh Kalgonkar
Deepak Hospital
Ahmednagar, India
Hello, I'm jr. house doctor in a small hospital. I've been using O2 xdaIIi with Skyscape's Harrisons, 5MCC, mobile DDX, drug guide and archimedes for past three weeks.
It has helped me many times in urgent cases as well as I can browse trough the contents whenever I've spare time. Here are two 'simple' cases where I saved my time as well as patients' money also; remember 'medical insurance' is still uncommon in India.

  1. A 55 years female presented with diplopia. She had bilateral VI nerve palsy and Babinsky sign. Her CT brain was WNL. Her Na was 110. Her other work up was WNL. I wasn't sure whether hyponatremia causes cranial nerve palsy, but 5MCC helped me on it and also saved the patient from further neurological work up. 5MCC also offers formula to correct Na deficit.
  2. A 27 years female presented with bullous and vesicular rash, it was her 4 th episode and she was diagnosed Steven -Johnson syndrome. After taking a detailed history it was clear that SJS was triggered according her periods. 5MCC helped me here as I wasn't sure about it. Tamoxifen suggested to avoid the repeated ' attacks ' really helped the patient. Though I'm not familiar with handheld devices the contents are easy to use.

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