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Cochrane Reviews in Drugs and Alcohol


Publisher: John Wiley & Son Inc. and its affiliates

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Description At A Glance

Considered to be most comprehensive and easy-to-use source of continuously updated evidence-based medical information. Use the high quality, reliable and trusted information to make decisions based on evidence for and against the effectiveness and appropriateness of treatments.

High quality, reliable, evidence-based information for healthcare professionals.

The Cochrane Reviews enables all those involved with healthcare decisions to keep up to date with all the latest evidence in their field of interest – a challenge which becomes harder each year as the volume of evidence increases.

The Cochrane Reviews solves this problem and is the best single source of reliable evidence about the effects of health care.

Cochrane reviews are based on the best available information about healthcare interventions. They explore the evidence for and against the effectiveness and appropriateness of treatments (medications, surgery, education, etc) in specific circumstances.

Those who prepare the reviews are mostly health care professionals who volunteer to work in one of the many Collaborative Review Groups, with editorial teams overseeing the preparation and maintenance of the reviews, as well as application of the rigorous quality standards for which Cochrane Reviews have become known.

  • Cochrane reviews have become known internationally as sources of high quality, reliable health information.
  • A structured format helps the reader to find his/her way around the review easily.
  • Multinational editorial teams try to ensure that a review is applicable in different parts of the world.
  • The Cochrane Reviews is published four times a year.
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By David C. Stockwell, MD (Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Children's National Medical Center, Washington DC)
This is the Grandmamma of all pediatric references is now available on handheld in its 18th edition. There are several updates as well as new functionality. As usual the handheld version mimics the paperback very well and with each release of the Harriet Lane Handbook (HLH) on handheld from Skyscape it gets better and better.

Worth the Price? Absolutely and without hesitation

  • Excellent drug calculator integrated with formulary
  • Simple navigation
  • Interactive algorithms/flow charts
  • Good presentation of information
  • Utilizes the capability of a handheld better than any competitor
  • Good value


  • Still looking for one

Bottom line: Many people who tried the early versions of the HLH on a PDA were disappointed, it is time to try it again, this is what you were looking for. For years being the standard quick reference in pediatrics now it has its rightful place as the standard pediatric reference for the handheld. There is an excellent array of information and the HLH uses the handheld's capability better than any medical product (even outside of pediatrics) available.

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