A HIPAA-Secure Communication Platform.

Free yourself from the clutter of having to use multiple modes of communication like phones, email, fax, pagers, etc. Use a single unified app for all of your communications.

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Buzz is a HIPAA-secure platform that simplifies real-time and on-the-go communications between healthcare providers. It supports commonly used communication modalities between healthcare professionals including texts, dictation, private calls, audio, images, reports and video sharing.

Who is Buzz for?

Healthcare professionals like Physicians, Nurses, Office Managers, Pharmacists etc.

Buzz is ideal for any group or team within the medical practices and healthcare setting who need to communicate with each other securely and confidently, for their daily workflow communication and documentation needs, including the patient related or other administrative exchanges.


Secure Communication for better patient care

With Buzz you can expect to dramatically increase your productivity as all modes of communication will be at the tip of your finger in one single unified app. Since it is HIPAA-secure, you stay compliant 100% of the time. Communicating with your colleagues has never been easier!

What Buzz Offers

Messaging and Sharing

Send text messages using end-to-end HIPAA-secure encryption. Share images, videos or other medically sensitive information with your colleagues or a specialist to get an opinion.

Free Buzz Phone

Get your own personal Buzz phone #. Send or receive calls from anyone - landline or mobile - even if they don't have Buzz. Choose the Caller ID you want (e.g. your office clinic or hospital) to be displayed when making outgoing calls.

Buzz Circle

Create a secure and trusted network of healthcare professionals and staff who are part of your daily workflow. Organize your Buzz circle contacts in Groups with whom you can exchange information securely and easily.


Record dictations to be sent to an individual or a group. Options exist to send messages immediately or at a specified time.

Additional Features

Buzz has been developed with the healthcare professional in mind. Buzz is feature-rich to dramatically improve the efficiency of your communication.

  • Geofencing
  • Real-time Exchange
  • Time-saving Shortcuts
  • Reminders and Tags
  • Streamlined Communication
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What Users Say About Us

Quick and Simple

Just got Buzz. Love how it lets me integrate all of my communications. Smooth interface. Easy to learn. My colleagues are going to love this.

Game Changer

Text, dictation, chat, photos (or X-rays) shared - all inside HIPAA rules. Feel safer with sharing info.

New Spin

I've been using Skyscape products for close to 20 years. They've always been easy to use and are well-integrated. Buzz, while a different take for Skyscape in it's not a reference app, puts a whole new spin on medical communications!

Great Privacy

If you need to call patients, they can get the call phone #. I know *67 can be dialed, but what a pain. Now with Buzz, calls can be made and know that the other party won't get the private cell number. I think a nice addition would be if they could add an integrated prescription writer.

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