Nursing Constellation™: All-in-One Nursing Solution

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Nursing Constellation™: All-in-One Nursing Solution

Publisher: Skyscape | F. A. Davis | The Medical Letter

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Unique Features

SmartLink: Skyscape's patented SmartLink™ technology is a powerful tool that enables you to cross-reference all of your Skyscape resources, quickly and easily. Following logical thought patterns, SmartLink allows you to connect relevant information across multiple sources of information simultaneously.
Update Policy: Dynamic. This reference will receive one year of software and content updates, or until a new edition is released, whichever is sooner. Typically, the publisher releases a new edition of the reference when the content changes significantly; there is no standard schedule for new editions. After the subscription period, customers will have full use of the product, but will not receive any further updates. Customers with previous editions will receive discounts on new editions by responding to new edition announcement emails.

Find the answers you need with Nursing Constellation: All-in-One Nursing Solution.

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Skyscape Nursing Constellation is a dynamic, customizable solution that combines 10 essential nursing resources and decision tools in one comprehensive suite for your mobile device.

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Key Benefits

  • Core set of essential nursing resources in one convenient package
  • All resources link together using Skyscape’s SmartLink™ to form one comprehensive knowledge base that supports your natural thought process
  • Integrates with Skyscape's 600+ medical resources for even more decision support
  • Nursing resources valued at $220 for just $99.95

Skyscape Nursing Constellation includes

  • Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses with built in drug dosing calculation tools
  • The Medical Letter's Adverse Drug Interactions Tool

  • Sx, Dx, Tx & Lab:
  • RNotes®: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide
  • Skyscape Labs™
  • MobileDDx™ - Differential Diagnosis Tool

  • Skyscape Stat:
  • MedBeats - Skyscape Medical Alerts
  • Skyscape Clinical Calculator PLUS ™
  • ICD-9-CM Coding Tool

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