Skyscape Free Webinar Series

Clinical Judgment: Helping Students Build Critical Habits

Join us for an hour to learn how to help students build habits of clinical judgement

In this WEBCAST, NurseTim® will help faculty explore clinical judgment (CJ) learning strategies for their students. CJ is only mastered when students are able to see patterns of thinking that they can use while reading a book, listening to a lecture, practicing in skills lab, or caring for a client in the hospital. Remembering that clinical judgment is the DOING that happens after critical thinking and clinical decision making, it is vital for nurse educators to always help ensure that students are in a DOING frame of mind when learning. The student needs to always be asking "Where is the NURSE in what I am studying?"

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to take notes as if you were a nurse standing next to a patient.
  2. Build habits of critical thinking and clinical judgment by taking notes the same way in every Class, Lab/Sim, and Clinical.
  3. Learn Conceptual note taking by replicating the clinical judgment used by the nurse in practice.

Presented by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAADN, FAAN

Who should attend?

  • Nurse Educators looking to help students develop habits of critical thinking and clinical judgment
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