Skills Hub

Brings clinical into the classroom
Skills Hub platform includes a FREE app and a web tool for tracking students progress. The web tool allows skills to be grouped into modules and distributed to cohort of students. Each skill in the database includes step-by-step instructions; instructional videos; links to evidence based research and five NCLEX style questions
Students use the App to:
  • Mark learned or mastered skills
  • Track skills practiced in lab and/or Clinic
  • Upload videos
  • Get peer feedback/Debriefing to encourage reflection and enhance learning
  • Seek on the spot feedback Faculty/Preceptor
  • Attempt NCLEX style questions
  • Build portfolio
Clinical faculty can track student’s progress using the web interface and generate reports for accreditation.
To learn more about the platform and customizing content to match your curriculum, view a webinar hosted by Karin Sherrill from Maricopa Community Colleges who helped Skyscape develop the nursing skills content.
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