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By Kathleen, Pediatric Nursing Professor, MSN, RN, CNE

I have been using Skyscape with my pediatric students and for my clinical practice now for 3 years. I use it not only for the clinical experience but also for in class for them to look up information on both practice and medication questions. Skyscape is so easy to use and instantly gives me the pediatric dosage for medications that I need. I use it on the iPad also as a teaching tool both in class and in clinical.

By Michael RN from United States about Skyscape Medical Resources

Wonderful app for me at work as an RN. I can find all the latest and oldest medications and learn how to administer them safely and professionally.

By Dee2274 from United States about Skyscape Medical Resources

As a second year medical student, I bought the Clinical Constellation (7resources) and the Merck for my iPad brings volumes of information to me in a matter of matter where I am. It saves so much time! And I only have to lug my iPad around instead of heavy books! No internet access is necessary....I can study on the train, in the park, on a plane.... Thank you! There are even USMLE resources for boards!!

By Dr.Barbie from Saudi Arabia about Skyscape Medical Resources

Superb comprehensive and useful and everything you need at your fingertips in every time and place

By Med applications from Italy about Skyscape Medical Resources

I find this application very useful for students, but also for physicians already graduated, given the possibility to keep updated, in real time, on news the medical-scientific [topics]! Excellent information system!

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