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Vice President of Sales
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Physicians are rapidly adopting PDAs

  • Gartner estimates that 350,000 practicing physicians will use a handheld device (PDA) by year-end 2004
  • PDA use is highest amongst specialists including cardiologists, oncologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists
  • Skyscape is the leading provider of mobile solutions to specialists and other medical practitioners

PDAs are a highly utilized platform to project your brand

  • 45% of Skyscape PDA reference users access their references more than 6 times per day
  • 80% of Physicians use their PDAs to access References
  • Nearly 2.2 million medical practitioners use Skyscape references today

Marketing via Skyscape PDA solutions is innovative and makes your brand messaging stand out beyond traditional books

  • Skyscape provides over 300 clinical, drug and drug interaction references for more than 30+ specialties including oncology, psychiatry and cardiology
  • Skyscape branding vehicles include branded splash screens, branded startup screens, sponsored titles, custom certificates & custom calculators
  • Strong branding achieved through number of impressions generated each time PDA references accessed at point of care



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