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The Medical Letter's Adverse Drug Interactions Tool


Publisher: The Medical Letter

ISBN 10: 9993309249

ISBN 13: 978-9993309246

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Description At A Glance

43,000+ detailed drug-drug and drug-herb interaction monographs Easy to use Drug interactions analyzer tool.

The Medical Letter's Adverse Drug Interactions Tool provides users with an unbiased resource to quickly search and find potentially life-threatening interactions between drugs as well as any lifestyle factors in your patient’s regimen.

Key Features
  • Interactive database that is updated continuously.
  • Over 43,000 detailed drug-drug and drug-herb interaction monographs
  • Significance ratings – all interactions are ranked by seriousness and need for intervention
  • A detailed discussion of the evidence supporting the potential interaction and an explanation of the mechanism by which the interaction occurs
  • Detailed recommendations about how best to avoid or manage potential interactions
  • Information about related drugs – easily find out whether or not other drugs in the same class, or drugs used for the same indication, would interact in a similar way
  • References that support the evidence are provided within each monograph

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By Fernando Roriz
Hey there! I'm very pleased with Skyscape!

I just have to thank all of the Skyscape team for their work!

I've passed on Parasites in the university, because of the Program Parasites DC. I had a doubt in the middle of the exam, hold the pocket pc and... Spectacular!
It has been very useful in the classes too in using the Handbook of Veterinary Drugs. All of them are very good books, and in this format they are absolutely imperative!

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