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Skyscape offers discounts on group and bulk purchases to academic institutions, clinics and hospitals. Site licenses are available for some of the resources. Our special services include:

  • Mobile and Online Access
  • Additional discount on value bundles
  • Custom "A la carte" bundles at discounted price
  • Site licenses and group distribution of content

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Site License for Your Organization

If you have a group of users, large or small, we can provide access to everyone with a web (online) as well as mobile access at a very attractive, discounted rate. With the largest portfolio of trusted healthcare information products we can cater to the needs of multi-profession, multi-specialty organizations!


  • Instant, current information can be available to any student or nurse.

    - Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses -
  • Our students come in with every piece of technology known to man hooked on their belt

    - Patricia Abbott, PhD, RN, WHO -
  • People were talking at this conference about disruptive technology and
    I immediately thought mobile devices

    - Lawrence Frederick, CIO at the University of Missouri -
  • The buzz of health care technology is turning into a roar with new gadgets and techniques to help nurses care for their patients.

    - Minority Nurse -
  • Mobiles Lead Haiti Into the Future.

    - Tim J. Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE -
  • Cell phone mobile apps help nursing students at Long Island University grasp critical medication information.

    - Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses -

We have been working with Medical & Nursing Schools to provide access to students and trainees.



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