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Skyscape offers a variety of customizable solutions for mobile and web. Our mobile app allows users to build a personal library from 400 textbooks and what is unique is that the content can be searched and cross-referenced using Skyscape’s patented SmartSearch and smARTlink technology.

Over two hundred Nursing programs require or recommend Skyscape Medical Resources. Students can carry dozens required textbooks on a smartphones and the smARTlink technology develops critical thinking. Here is a comparison of the most popular Nursing Value Bundles. For custom bundles and purchase options - Contact us

Skyscape is committed to Nursing Educations and here is a list of are other products and services we offers to students and educators:

Nursing Skills Hub – Mobile App to Learn, Track and Assess nursing skills, with step-by-step instruction, video tutorials and related NCLEX type questions.

NCLEX Question of the Week – Launched in late 2014 and the questions are attempted by thousand of students. Contact us if you would like to use such tool in your curriculum.

nTrack Clinical Log System – Rid your faculty of the paper burden with paperless Clinical Log and Skill tracking system.

Flash Drive – FlashDrive provides a convenient and secure method to store, access and share documents.

Snap Word - Fun word game that includes over 100 beautiful images of the organ system, skeletal system, and muscular system with more to come.

Webinar series – Learn how using mobile devices in your curriculum prepares students for today’s healthcare profession.
Site licenses - available for select mobile and Web references – Request info.

WebView – Free online access to select resources.


  • Instant, current information can be available to any student or nurse.

    - Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses -
  • Our students come in with every piece of technology known to man hooked on their belt

    - Patricia Abbott, PhD, RN, WHO -
  • People were talking at this conference about disruptive technology and
    I immediately thought mobile devices

    - Lawrence Frederick, CIO at the University of Missouri -
  • The buzz of health care technology is turning into a roar with new gadgets and techniques to help nurses care for their patients.

    - Minority Nurse -
  • Mobiles Lead Haiti Into the Future.

    - Tim J. Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE -
  • Cell phone mobile apps help nursing students at Long Island University grasp critical medication information.

    - Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses -


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