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Medical Eponyms

Publisher: Andrew Yee

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Description At A Glance

Medical Eponyms provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.

The popular Medical Eponyms is thoroughly updated with more than 1700 common and obscure medical eponyms with descriptions, featuring more of the medical terminology used in over 20 of today's fastest growing health profession areas.

You'll also find more comprehensive inclusion of geographic eponyms, syndromes and anatomy eponyms. This product consists of additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates!

Key Features
  • More than 1700 common and obscure medical eponyms with descriptions used in various health profession areas.
  • Aims to provide medical students, nursing students, primary healthcare providers with concise and accurate descriptions.
  • Contains eponyms useful in the field of Biochemistry, Neurology, Infectious Disease, Rheumatology, Radiology and many more.
  • Included are eponyms used in various procedures like Ambesh Maneuver, Girdlestone Procedure, Queckenstedt's Maneuver, Trendelenburg Position, etc.

Only Inside Skyscape's Eponyms

  • Signs & Symptoms index allows you to select from a checklist of comprehensive healthcare profession areas to quickly see a list of matching eponyms.
  • Built-in Medical Calculators: Provide instant access from within clinical topics to the
    • Apgar Score
    • Bishop Score

Your Voice

By Jan Fortier
Several weeks ago, we had an infant patient who had received back-to-back heart transplants and was still in congestive heart failure with very poor diastolic function. He had failed extubation several times. The baby's cardiologist was desperate to do something for this child and decided to try nesiritide (Natrecor). Because it is available in Canada by special release only, we were unable to find any information on it other than the package insert. I have Davis's Drug Guide on my PDA, and while it didn't have any information on pediatric administration, it was very helpful in understanding why we were trying it and what it was expected to do for him. He has since graduated for the PICU and will soon be discharged from hospital for the first time in his life.

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