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Stedman's Abbreviations & Acronyms Pocket

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Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN 10: 078176694X

ISBN 13: 978-0781766944

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Description At A Glance

Stedman's Abbreviations & Acronyms Pocket provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.

Healthcare students and professionals need instant access to the most current, up-to-date shorthand of medical terminology fast. Stedman's Abbreviations & Acronyms Pocket for PDA provides thousands of medical abbreviations and acronyms with their expansions at the touch of your stylus!

Includes the PDA functionality you have come to rely on:
  • Intuitive, easy to navigate user interface
  • One-tap to view the abbreviation and acronym
  • Search by index of abbreviations and expansions
  • Word wheel search (search as you tap)
  • Cross-reference hyperlinks

Your Voice

By Frances Wood
I am an Adult Nurse Practitioner in a cardiology practice. Although the main focus of our patients is cardiology/electrophysiology, we often diagnose and treat other conditions and diseases. I travel to a different office daily and to multiple hospitals.

I have found the 5MCC to be an invaluable tool as a reference. I am able to look up disease states, illnesses and formulate a plan of care without lugging around multiple references. I can review the lab tests to run for Factor V, the dose of thyroid medication for starting our amiodarone induced hypothyroidism patients,and followup and management of a young heart failure patient with ringworm.

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