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Skyscape Clinical Calculator™ - Free Medical Calculator provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care.

Skyscape Clinical Calculator is a uniquely innovative calculator application with over 150 essential tools which give you results in seconds. No more looking up complicated formulas and struggling with variables - just enter the necessary values in Skyscape Clinical Calculator and get the answers you need.

Skyscape also offers Skyscape Clinical Calculator PLUS which adds more than 75 premium, specialty-focused calculators designed to serve in a wide variety of clinical situations. You can see a comparison chart here.


With formulas from Aa gradient to Z-score conversion and a full range of specialty indexing, Skyscape Clinical Calculator provides the most comprehensive free set of basic tools available for mobile devices (and now on our website too).

Easy access, full details

Using Skyscape Clinical Calculator is simply a matter of selecting the tool you need, entering or choosing input from your specific clinical situation and seeing the answer immediately.

But Skyscape also gives you full details of the formula behind the calculation and explanatory information. Skyscape Clinical Calculator alone of all free medical calculators provides this level of full supporting information.


All Skyscape's resources are designed to integrate with your daily work of caring for patients, researching solutions, and keeping up with the latest in medical knowledge. This free calculator tool is no exception - it is there for you at the point of care and in your pocket (and now on your browser screen) when you need it.

And all Skyscape's resources are designed to integrate with one another, using our patented Smartlink and other technologies to create a resource environment like no other. Skyscape Clinical Calculator links with and supports any and all of your other Skyscape products.

Key features include:

  • Over 150 of the most commonly used medical formulas
  • Easy calculator selection via multiple indexes
  • Use with Conventional (US) or SI units
  • Full supporting formula detail and explanations for all calculators
  • Integration with all Skyscape resources

Your Voice

By ER Physician
I have been a fan of many of Skyscape's medical software databases for almost 8 years, using them since the turn of this Century initially on Widescreen Hewlett-Packard PDAs and then subsequently PocketPCs (PPC). Since moving to the Intel Mac, I have secretly hoped that Medical developers would adopt the Mac/iPhone/iTouch platform, not just the Palm/PPC/BB platform. Skyscape's pre-eminent feature is it's SmartLink capability that integrates all their databases of books, akin to hyper-links in Wikipedia. At present, I have access to all these books in their current editions and many others as a paid benefit of my Provincial Medical Association dues online behind a secure Internet connection. Despite this, it is always useful to have a portable device-resident database at Point of Care independent of a live Internet connection. Two thumbs up for this Developer (Skyscape) with a well-established track record - they WILL revolutionize the ubiquity of the iPhone/iTouch utilization in Medical care. The Software is already very polished - I hope the developers will allow a selection of customizable newsfeeds by medical discipline.
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