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Drawing on the professional and teaching experience of an expert author team, ABC of Diabetes is an essential guide for general practice, primary care practitioners, diabetes specialist nurses, as well as for medical students and those training in diabetes as a specialty.


Publisher: John Wiley & Son Inc. and its affiliates

7th Edition

ABC of Diabetes, 7th Edition, provides primary care practitioners with a practical guide to all aspects of diabetes including the aetiology, diagnosis and management of Types 1 and 2 diabetes, detection and prevention, and the organization of care and support.

New to this Edition
  • Advances in diabetes care take place at a rapid rate and this new edition is updated throughout to cover the latest evidence-based information for contemporary practice.
  • A new chapter describes the management of severe and complex obesity complicated by diabetes and the management of patients through bariatric surgery.
  • It also covers the growing number of devices and digital technology, including health informatics, that can assist in diabetes care and provides evidence of their benefit.
  • With more links to useful websites and resources online, it is now easier than ever to keep up-to-date with changes.
Key Features
  • A comprehensive view of the practical issues relating to diagnosis and treatment of diabetes together with very practical advice on the management of its complications
  • Covers the early recognition of diabetes and cardiovascular risk as well as preventing complications specific to diabetes
  • Addresses the need to deliver diabetes care in a multidisciplinary setting, including the UK Quality and Outcomes Framework, and reflects the increasing emphasis on self-management and patient-centred care, particularly as it relates to lifestyle changes, glycaemic control and patient choice over treatment options
  • Contains information on retinopathy, peripheral neuropathies, autonomic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy and many more
  • Sections include Insulin treatment, Hypoglycemia, Diabetic ketoacidosis and management of diabetes during pregnancy
  • Gives concise and clear explanations and full-color images

ISBN 10: 111885053X

ISBN 13: 9781118850534