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Skyscape announces new tools for Medical Students and Residents

Marlborough, MA — Jan 15, 2020 — Skyscape® a leading provider of decision making tools to the healthcare community, announced the following new tools for medical students and residents to aid and assist during this important time of the year for the Medical community: Clinical Rotation Super Bundle, Washington Manual Bundle, and Harrison’s Manual Bundle.

Commenting on the releases, Mr. Sandeep Shah, Skyscape’s Chief Executive Officer stated “July is the time of year when the Medical community advances. Medical Students advance by a year, Residents are moving up, and Fellows are being born. Skyscape offers tailored resources to help Healthcare Professionals at every stage of their journey. It is particularly germane to the neophyte clinician at this time of year.”

The Skyscape Medical Library puts references at the Healthcare Professional’s fingertips. The mobile library has over 400 references to choose from. Skyscape offers customized discounted webpages to universities, colleges, and schools that make faculty recommendations to students seamless when it comes to educational resource needs for the classroom and beyond.

Skyscape has recently culled together the most needed and relevant titles specific both to the Medical Student and to the Resident – a unique offering that was created at this time of year, specifically for this time of year.

In the words of a Skyscape loyalist, “Excellent updated information, easy to handle, easy to look up using the index. A must for the internal medicine specialist or resident.”

Skyscape® has been a premier mobile technology pioneer, with a robust technology platform to support innovative and scalable brand marketing programs. Skyscape has expertise in delivering gold-standard content with world class publishers packaged as innovative tools.




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