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Skyscape commemorates National Cancer Survivors Day with the launch of a new TNM Cancer Staging Manual App

Marlborough, MA — May 12, 2019 — Skyscape® a leading provider of decision making tools to the healthcare community, announced the following launch of a new TNM Cancer Staging Manual App.

Commemorating Brain Cancer Awareness Month, Bladder Cancer month, and Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month, all of which fall in May, Skyscape Medpresso, Inc. launched an AJCC- licensed TNM Cancer Staging Manual App to make the TNM Cancer Staging Manual come to life in clinician practices with a new powerful point-of-care tool. The Skyscape TNM Cancer Staging Manual for the smart phone offers TNM classification in an easy-to-use, interactive calculator format.

The important updates to the 8th edition* are:

  • The formal incorporation of evidence-based and biostatistics rigor while evaluating new recommendations and changes through the Evidence Based Medicine and Statistics Core
  • Updated content including general staging rules for clinical and pathological classifications, staging systems, and the organization of T, N, M, and any additional categories into groups
  • Histologic classification and grading systems, WHO histology codes, additional illustrations, new paradigms and new chapters/staging systems
  • New features regarding levels of evidence provided for revisions to staging systems, an imaging section, Risk Assessment Models for select cancer sites, recommendations for Clinical Trial Stratification, and prognostic factors

This trusted resource from Skyscape helps keep Healthcare Providers current with the latest relevant findings. This convenient and comprehensive point-of-care tool helps to move from a population based to a personalized approach.

Skyscape® has been a premier mobile technology pioneer, with a robust technology platform to support innovative and scalable brand marketing programs. Skyscape has expertise in delivering gold-standard content with world class publishers packaged as innovative tools

*Mobile app includes the latest information as published recently in the print version of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Eighth edition, licensed with permission from American Joint Committee on Cancer and American College of Surgeons, Chicago, Illinois.




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