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Skyscape announces new partnership with Health eVillages

Marlborough, MA — Dec 21, 2018 — Skyscape® a leading provider of decision making tools to the healthcare community, announced the following new partnership with Health eVillages.

The mission of Health eVillages is ‘empowering healthcare providers to improve global health and well-being through the delivery of mobile technology and community-focused solutions, extending life with dignity and purpose.’

Founded in 2011 in partnership with RFK Human Rights and Aptus Health, Health eVillages originally launched pilots in Kenya, Uganda and Haiti. The impact of Health eVillages was immediately realized as initial reports of doctors and nurses using the technology and medical software to make informed life-saving decisions were received.

With the support of partner organizations, Health eVillages has since expanded into eight countries and deployed over 600 content-enabled mobile devices worldwide. It is the belief of Health eVillages that by delivering technology, facilitating access and empowering providers, Health eVillages can help “heal the villages” and forever move the needle on global healthcare.

Kayla Thielk of the Quality Assurance Office, Lwala Community Alliance, shares the following: “This facility is often overlooked because we are out in a rural setting in Kenya, and these staff come in with no resources to fall back on. Health eVillages gives us access to more information to help better the care of patient and to be a better provider.” 

Commenting on this partnership, Skyscape’s COO Mr. Kartik Shah stated “The opportunity that Skyscape Medpresso has in partnering with Health eVillages is to help ensure that trusted medical information remains at the fingertips of those in underserved communities.” 

Skyscape® has been a premier mobile technology pioneer, with a robust technology platform to support innovative and scalable brand marketing programs. Skyscape has expertise in delivering gold-standard content with world class publishers packaged as innovative tools.




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