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Skyscape Rx™

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Unique Features

Calculators: This product includes built-in calculators. View Calculator demo>
SmartLink: Skyscape's patented SmartLink™ technology is a powerful tool that enables you to cross-reference all of your Skyscape resources, quickly and easily. Following logical thought patterns, SmartLink allows you to connect relevant information across multiple sources of information simultaneously.
Update Policy: Monthly. This resource is updated monthly.
Skyscape Rx™ can be downloaded for free on iPhone/Blackberry/Android Platforms.

This continually updated tool provides dosing guidelines on thousands of commonly used brand and generic drugs and now includes nearly 400 integrated weight-based drug dosing calculators.
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Look at all this drug dosing tool delivers!

  • Continuously updated dosing guidelines on a variety of medications, including antimicrobial, cardiovascular, and psychiatric agents - plus many more!
  • Rapidly access commonly used medications by indication, pharmacologic class or by generic or U.S. or Canadian brand name.
  • Informative monographs with the latest information on indications and dosage (including renal and hepatic dosage adjustments) as well as sections on pregnancy, breastfeeding and comparative pricing.
  • An indispensable tool that helps you make accurate, informed and confident drug dosing decisions at point of care. A must have for every medical professional!
Now, with nearly 400 built in weight-based drug dosing calculation tools, simply review a drug, calculate the dose and administer all in a single step without needing to switch to a separate drug dosing program!
First-hand stories, heartfelt quotes, and true-life anecdotes from the Skyscape community.

Dr. Mickish
My experience today was a pleasurable one and I would not hesitate to use our products because of the support. Thanks to Support and keep up the GREAT work.
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Salvatore Battaglia
For me personally the products offered via Skyscape have facilitated my nursing student live enormous.
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Jones Benoit
I would also like to mention that the Skyscape application is a wonderful app for all devices
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John Burns
While the other officers were heading to the pharmacy to figure it out, I pulled out my phone and had every piece of information required in Skyscape product.
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RRT From Detroit, MI
Hopefully, Handango and all resellers will add more Skyscape software to their collection. Love it!. It really works with the Storm.
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