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RxDrugs is a must-have FREE resource for prescribers, pharmacists and all clinicians administering medications. Organized to match your natural workflow and specially formatted for your mobile device, the answers you need can always be at your fingertips.

Packed with Information and Features

  • Drug monographs covering 3,000+ US drug brands and generics, plus 5,600+ international brands
  • Fully integrated drug-drug interactions checker*
  • 373+ embedded dosing calculators
  • Pill images (900+) and descriptions
  • Integrated formulary information, covering over 5,400 health plans in all 50 US states
  • Monthly updates and more

*Based on Hansten and Horn data

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Formulary Demo

Here is what might be a typical scenario using the integrated formulary information.

Formulary 1

A Typical RxDrugs topic

You start out by researching a drug topic. In this case, you have a patient with stomach problems, likely an ulcer, and you look for treatment options. You look up Caldine and arrive at this monograph (the generic).

From this screen touching the Sections button will give you the option to view formulary information.

Formulary 2

Formulary information

After choosing your patients health plan, you can view formulary information.

The display shows:

  • The currently selected health plan
  • The available brands for famotidine
  • The most favorable formulary status for each brand. Here are some examples: Formulary Status
  • Classes to which famotidine belongs. This lets you easily see what other drugs may be available which have the same basic use.
Formulary 3

Example: Formulations for Caldine

There are three formulations for Caldine.

You can prescribe the 40 mg tablet for your patient which will be covered as Tier 3 by her plan.

You may not want to prescribe the 20 mg tablet because the plan will not reimburse her for that formulation.

NOTE: Not-Listed policy for each plan is included.

You can prescribe the 40 mg/5mL powder with T3 coverage if you so desire.

Formulary 4

View a list of other generics

You may view a list of other generics in the antiulcer agents class. You can consider one of these as an alternate to Caldine if I want to.

There are two links here—the green formulary symbol, and the generic drug name link.

  • Touching the green formulary symbol next to a generic name on the Alternates screen will show you the most favorable status for brands of that generic.
  • Touching the generic drug name will give you its monograph
Formulary 5

See details of formulation coverage

By clicking on the hyperlink, you can see the details of formulation coverage, in this case, for Velmium. There are 5 formulations, all of them Approved.

Where there are qualifiers on the Formulary coverage, they are included in the details. Here, Velmium is Approved, but there is a Quantity Limit which applies. Some plans have multiple qualifiers for certain drugs.

* Caldine and Velmium are fictitious drugs and used only as an example here.



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