Skyscape Clinical Constellation Complimentary Mobile Suite

Skyscape Clinical Constellation is a dynamic, customizable solution that features 14 essential clinical resources and tools in one comprehensive suite for your mobile device. This constellation is a must-have tool for primary care clinicians and medical students.

Comprehensive Support
  • Drug information, including interactions and formulary.
  • Clinical content, including Skyscape’s 5 Minute Clinical Consult, Mobile DDx and ABCLabdata.
  • Tools and Guidelines, including a premium medical calculator, CME, MedAlerts, Medline, LS360, AHA and ACC Guidelines.

Key Benefits
  • Core set of clinical resources in one convenient package
  • All resources link together using Skyscape’s SmartLink™ to form one comprehensive knowledge base that supports your natural thought process
  • Integrates with Skyscape's 600+ medical resources for even more decision support
  • To begin using the mobile Skyscape Clinical Constellation: enter your first and last name and your email address below. We will send your individual Skyscape Clinical Constellation serial number license via email.
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We wish you a successful experience with Skyscape resources at the point of care.



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