How to DonateYour Gift for Donating

In honor of World AIDS Day, December 1st, Skyscape and SATELLIFE are asking you to donate your used PDAs to health practitioners in Africa to enable them to access the latest medical information - and help fight the spread of AIDS.

Skyscape will equip these handheld devices with mobile medical references enabling health practitioners in the developing world to access to the latest medical information while working in rural areas.

SATELLIFE will distribute the PDAs to doctors in Uganda and other East African Countries as part of its existing initiative to fight the spread of AIDS in Africa and improve medical care by providing doctors the most current treatment guidelines and references.

How do I donate?

Please complete the following information, print the confirmation page and enclose the printout with your used PDA. This printout will contain the ship-to address and allow us to evaluate your PDA.

Please note, that in order for us to provide the best assistance to practitioners in developing nations, we ask that the following criteria be met for donations:

  • PDA must be functioning
  • Please only send devices that are not more than 3 years old.
  • Please include device cradle or hotsync cord
  • Please include the powercord for your device
  • Installation CDs are preferred

Original box is NOT required

For instructions on how move your Skyscape references to a new device or to delete all the information from your device click here.

Your gift for donating

In addition to helping a worthy cause to fight the spread of AIDS, Skyscape would like to offer you a free copy of one of our most popular drug guides for PDAs.

  • If you are a medical practitioner, you may choose:
    RxDrugs AHFS Dosing Companion - a evidence-based dosing statement guide for your PDA

  • If you are a patient (non-medical practitioner), you may choose:
    CheckRx - a guide to checking drug interactions on your PDA

In addition to your free reference, Skyscape will also award you with a coupon for 20% OFF your next Skyscape order.


First/Last Name:

Company Name:
PDA Model:


In order to receive 20% off coupon, the following conditions must be YES:

Is your PDA functioning?

Is the powercord included in this shipment?

Is the cradle included in this shipment?

Which reference would you like to receive for FREE as a thank you:

Please note: coupon processing will take 3-4 weeks

Once we test your device is functioning, we will email you a coupon for your FREE copy of RxDrugs or CheckRx & 20% OFF your next Skyscape purchase!




Don't throw out your old device or put it in a drawer – donate it for a good cause


National AIDS Trust


World AIDS Day